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literate roleplay

  1. teddybeau

    RP/Plot 'Bunnies' - MxM - Long term, literate, 18+

    Hi everyone! Call me Teddy! I'm searching for an 18+ partner willing to plot and write with me in a furry/anthro-based world [At what level, we can discuss; whether it's more similar to our own world or more like something out of a movie will be up to us!] using original or pre-existing furry...
  2. Alaricat

    Looking for a long term rp partner for plot based rp

    Hello! I've been looking into doing a rp, preferably well written (aka no *licks u*), the plot would be in medieval times with magic and different fantasy races and of course anthros and some shape shifters. I would be playing as my character Kestrel, a lazy hawk-cat shifter whos trying to find...
  3. Jet Doggie

    Anyone have a sfw rp chat that is literate?

    I would like to roleplay in communities that are sfw and can be fantasy or non-fictional based. If it is 18+ I would only join if it is mature by reason of violence, fulgarity, swearing, and some adult themes are okay, but if the discussion constantly goes off topic and is more like a chatroom I...
  4. W

    Welcome to the salty spittoon! (literate smut roleplay enclosed)

    Hey folks! I’m just kinda desperately looking for a literate smut roleplay with anyone who’s willing to have fun and write well. (This has nothing to do with spongebob, by the way...) I’ve been roleplaying for close to 10 years now. It’s been a journey, and now I’m looking for someone who...
  5. W

    Beastly iterate rp anyone?? (NSFW)(Kinky)

    Hey folks!!! I'm a big guy of no particular persuasion... although I do enjoy playing as anything mean, rugged, or just plain wild. The rp I have in mind is pretty open for changes, but I enjoy anything Human x Fur or just regular old Fur x Fur. The plot will be smut focused, and based around a...
  6. Jonathan Jay

    Literate Roleplay? :0

    Hi!! I'm Jon/Axie and I really want to find mainly non-nsfw/erp roleplayers that do literate furry roleplay! This can be anthro or feral based. I'm really up for anything other then exclusively ERP. I'd like to know if anyone is interested!! Here's an example of my writing for reference: [ A...