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  1. Vandisar

    Furry Book Blog

    My buddy squirrel and I have started a book blog strictly for anthropomorphic works. We're going to have regular reviews, (policy is posted) and book discussion as well as following the wider book community memes in hopes of shining some attention on anthro works. Here's the link if anyone is...
  2. FonzieThSuperWizard

    My literature. (The True Lives of Enders)

    The True Lives of Enders "book 1 of the Enders” by: Amado “Fonzie” Meza Chapter 1: Eve’s Supernatural The normal world. Vague, corrupted and without a soul. Some people wonder why these excuse for fallacies exist and why they are persistent as most of the time they are pervasive. Some...
  3. WoodworkerDan

    The Past, Present, and Future

    Yeah, they walked into a bar. Yeah, it was tense. Fell free to roll your eyes at me for a bad pun and overused joke. However, what I should like see discussed is the social, technological, and developmental time period a story setting is in - and whether Furry stories are best set in one of the...