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  1. Punk_M0nitor

    Best Materials for Realistic Reptiles?

    I'm thinking about making a realistic or semi-realistic partial suit of my fursona, a lace monitor, but I'm not sure what material I should use. For reference, this is what monitor lizard scales look like: Is there a type of leather that might match or mimic this texture? If so, I'd appreciate...
  2. Vandclash

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions are open with DISCOUNT! Until July 14th

    Term of services
  3. T

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Lizard girl [+futa version goal] SFW/NSFW

    Lizard Girl Adoptable [+futa ver goal] by theLonelySquire -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. B

    Name Ideas? (Closed)

    I just got this dude today and I'm not sure what to name him. He's a fatherly type that likes to kick ass when the situation calls for it. The artist said he was inspired from a salamander and a lizard. o3o I'm looking for a name that's sophisticated and cool at the same time. Lol Thanks so...
  5. hecko

    Meet: Toby Quartz (Lizard sona)

    I thought it would be fun to post a bio/intro of some sort about my 'sona. I'm going to be using the bio template from Just for kicks...Bio form. I may have gone a bit overboard with a whole backstory and lore but hey! I have a lot of fun making characters like that. Tell me, what do you...
  6. Z

    Need help finding particular set of animations on FA (+18)

    Hi, I've been searching for M-rated 3D CGI animations featuring a feral horse and girly anthro lizard on FA. The lizard's tied to a four-legged piece of bondage furniture, while also wearing female lingerie. I remember seeing them a while ago, but I didn't save the files. Does anyone recognize...
  7. Seth Phillips

    (Commission) Selling: DRAGON ART $15 - $30

    Doing dragon art, $35 for a fullbody that will be shaded. Headshots will be shaded too and are $15 Shaded like this: comment/message me if you're interested!
  8. SlugSnail

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Adopt] Pirate Digimon

    My first adoptable I ever create. If you want these cute digimon, click the link below to start bidding. Adopt Pirate Digimon - YCH.Commishes
  9. No Trip

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptable Auction - Stronk Lizard (nsfw, female and futa versions) 30 min remaining

    Some sort of lizard/dragon woman. Too strong for those chains to hold her. Bidding runs through Wednesday the 27th, 10pm central time. Main page with bidding here. Display of futa version here. The starting bid is $30 with a minimum bid of $5.
  10. TheArtOfDHT

    Show your reptilians

    Meet the Kimonis, a species of reptilians from another star system. Billy and Miriam Chester, Ashley and Jared respectively Ashley getting car attacked by an ol' rusty truck. Virtualized Billy Now let us see yours
  11. littleredglaring

    Reduced price lizard adoptables! $5 each! (Plus a new rare for $7!)

    New friend! And the old ones are now $5 each!

    Male Lizard Seeks 18+ Roleplay!

    With a catchy title like that, how can you resist?! I'm a 22 year old lizard-person, bisexual, male but strongly on the feminine side. The kind of roleplay I'm seeking isn't specific, but I'd love to include elements of species recognition - meaning that species and biological differences are...
  13. PercyD

    PD wants Art Trades! [Closed!]

    I feel like doing art. Instead of trying to figure out things to draw myself, I'll get trades from other people c: Here's a folder for my characters: Artwork Gallery for PercyD -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's a folder just for my sona: Artwork Gallery for PercyD -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm...
  14. X

    WIP Lizard thingumajig...

    This is a WIP first picture of a character I'm creating. He's supposed to be a crested gecko and he is Smudge the Leopard gecko's boyfriend of sorts. He likes to walk on the walls. :P
  15. Lexio

    Can someone please draw my scalesona?

    I made a new scalesona recently, but the only art I have of him is an edited template I used to create him... I'd love it if someone could draw him for me! (I just wish i had money to spend) :P Nebula is a purple pink and blue Leopard Gecko. Please use the colours in the pic below XD
  16. Lexio

    Lizard Needs A Name

    Hey guys! I've been feeling pretty scaly recently so decided to make myself a Scalesona... (is that how you spell it?) I havn't 100% nailed down the design details yet (especially as I used a template) but what I'm really stuck on right now is a name... Names Ive thought of include Ray, Lexio...
  17. Theram

    Offering Icons, busts, pixel art, ref sheets; furry, scaley, feathers, humanoid, alien

    I mainly do alien, scaley and bugs but I can draw any kind of creature or anthro, also robots. My style is mixed, I can do realistic, creepy, cartoony and cute. I'm not comfortable with doing sexual NSFW, but might consider suggestive themes. I have no issues with gore/violence. I use paypal...
  18. Dront12

    Webcomics:Liza and Martha Adventuers

    Hello there I want to introduce you. My comics. This comic about my character - Martha. She is a scientist in the field of biology and genetic engineering. Her lab wanted to take possession of its formula allows to grow lost limbs. Her serum he poisoned hoping that she would die. Instead, she...
  19. K

    Seeking fight RP, looking for various types of opponents

    Hey there! My name is Kajm, You can find my OC bio here www.furaffinity.net: Kajm-Lizard by Kajm As you can see Kajm is a very powerful creature- but I will add here that because of his own mistake he experiences power fluctuations. While he is normally in the 65-ton lifting range, he can be...