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  1. A

    Meet Local Furries

    At the suggestion of a fellow forum user, I have decided to create a thread that I hope will see success. If you are interested in meeting local furries, please fill out the following while keeping any additional details to private messages. See a comment, send a message, and see where things...
  2. ReeseCapeesh

    I'd like to make some fur friends! ^^

    I want to make some friends so.... online is okay, if it's all that I've got, but it'd be super cool if some of you are local. ;w; I live in Sugar land, TX (greater Houston area) if anyone lives close by. I am an anime fan before a furry, and an artist before everything. :D I love music, its...
  3. ReeseCapeesh

    What are good sites to go to where i can chat and talk with other furries about anything?

    So.... i tried going to meetups but it seems like their not super frequent and they usually all the way across the city. I'm looking for a way to daily or weekly talk with and make friends with other furs, and obviously the internet is what we have at our disposal 24/7. i tend to be at my best...
  4. AcidWolf22

    Lonely furs in Massachusetts?

    Hello everyone! I know this isn't an online dating service. But here is the only place I feel comfortable. I am gay, male. I would love to get to know some of you. I hope this doesn't sound too weird. I just need someone to hug all the time. ^U^
  5. P

    Florida furs?

    FIRST OFF: I hope everyone and their families are safe and unharmed after Irma. It may have not hit me hard but that is not true for everyone. If you don't have power come over and I can charge your phone :P Hey hey everyone. I was just making a thread to see how many other furs there are in...
  6. RoseOfTheNight4444

    Trying to find some local furs to chat with and maybe meet

    I live in Oregon and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot happening here (at least from what I can tell). I live in Yahmill County and I'm curious if anyone lives in or near meh o3o If anything, knowing there are people close makes me feel less alone ^^ I don't have any real life friends and I'd...