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  1. J

    HELP!! I can't log in!

    i've been trying to log in to FA a number of times, typing in my name and my password. but, when i click on "Log in to Furaffinity," literally nothing happens. no recaptcha, no "wrong password," no anything. it's like i'm stuck on the page and the button doesn't do anything. i hope it's not just...
  2. StriderWolf

    Login button not working.

    So I have two accounts here on FA, and I logged out of one to sign into my other, but when I click the login button nothing happens. and its not that the page isnt load or that the password is wrong or that theres any errors. its just that login button does literally nothing, the site doesnt...
  3. T

    Main Site Alt CAPTCHA Login

    I'm sure this may be a weird question to ask but is their an alternative login page with a different verification method? I ask because the iOS that I use for the site is old and unable to use the current verifying CAPTCHA. I saw there was an alternative until a few months ago so I was wondering...
  4. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Not able to sign in on my pc?

    I can sign in and do stuff on my phone, but if I close said tabs and then try to sign in on my computer, it won't sign in.
  5. L

    Login/Password Problems: Autonome logout? (FAF only)

    Hi. A while ago i had the problem that the site seemed to “forget“ im logged in and says me i should login again every time i opened a new tab or looked at my alerts. Meanwhile it pretty “normalized“ but it still unregularly happens if i keep brose the FAF. I wouldnt know why, but it seemed to...
  6. C

    New Member conformaton email

    How long does it take to get a conformation email once you sign up to be able to log in??