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  1. T

    Main Site Alt CAPTCHA Login

    I'm sure this may be a weird question to ask but is their an alternative login page with a different verification method? I ask because the iOS that I use for the site is old and unable to use the current verifying CAPTCHA. I saw there was an alternative until a few months ago so I was wondering...
  2. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Not able to sign in on my pc?

    I can sign in and do stuff on my phone, but if I close said tabs and then try to sign in on my computer, it won't sign in.
  3. L

    Login/Password Problems: Autonome logout? (FAF only)

    Hi. A while ago i had the problem that the site seemed to “forget“ im logged in and says me i should login again every time i opened a new tab or looked at my alerts. Meanwhile it pretty “normalized“ but it still unregularly happens if i keep brose the FAF. I wouldnt know why, but it seemed to...
  4. C

    New Member conformaton email

    How long does it take to get a conformation email once you sign up to be able to log in??