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  1. X

    Who is your hero/role model?

    I currently absolutely adore and look up to the 12th Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi.) He's wise and witty and tough. His conviction to do the right thing and his willingness to learn about and question his own motives is admirable. He's an asshole almost all the time but honestly, watch this scene...
  2. X

    Happy international women's day

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. just.chillin

    Idiot things that people have fought about

    99% of the things that siblings fight over tend to be hilariously dumb. My friend in high school got into a fight with her sister because they couldn't decided weather the teddy bear looked better on the shelf of the bed and it broke out into a screaming match. Bigger sister got drunk and ran...
  4. just.chillin

    Wild stories from your school(s)

    Like the title implies, share stories from the schools that you went to. I've gathered some from the high schools that I attended: A human lung in a toilet during prom. Someone stole the biology teacher's preserved smoker's lung that was sealed in a jar and dumped the contents into the toilet...
  5. The_biscuits_532

    Post shitpost art

    Got any art that wasn't serious at all and you just wanted to shitpost? Drop it here lmao Based off a cursed cat I found on Google images
  6. C

    Level a country's stupiditly

    It is simply based off the Predators and prey thread game. Rules are simple. It goes: (Country's name) is 1 level stupid (Country's name) is 2 level stupid (Country's name) is -1 level stupid (Country's name) is 1 level stupid The stupidest wins with 20 score, and the smartest wins with -20...
  7. Deathless

    Main Site Colored text?

    It's ya boy, back with another help thread! I see a bunch of people on FA with colors in their profile bios and all that and I've been wondering how to do that. Is it like what Minecraft has with doing a specific symbol and number in the beginning? I'm still not 100% accustomed to the main...
  8. skeletonizedskull

    bubbles are cool

    Bubbles are cool. But what's uncool is how many pictures of bubbles being bounced on, played with, or just laid on [non-sexually/lewd] is minimal when compared to how many are sexualized, given lewd visuals, or fetishized. I understand that those kinds of pictures [non-sexual bubble pictures]...
  9. X


    I've decided to go snake. This is my first doodle of her.
  10. Firio Zifirion


    This is like a joke to a "Matrix"
  11. CertifiedCervine

    Scare the user above you

    I make a lot of games lol While I’m waiting to send my job application to the North Pole, I figured, Us deer always celebrate Christmas all year early, why not with Halloween? So, you’ve found an opportunity to scare the user above you, how do you scare them?
  12. BlueGrrr

    Living with 'derp face' (long and rambling!)

    Hello folks! As someone that has been blessed (or cursed depending on how you see it) with 'derp face' from an early age I'd like to share some of the funny and not so funny things that looking like I have nothing between my ears has caused over the years. Feel free to join in with cries of...
  13. CertifiedCervine

    Predators and Prey

    I saw this game awhile back and thought it may be fun to try here. Here’s how it works, If a commenters sona is a prey species, +1 point, but if it’s a predator -1 point, here’s an example Beginning total:0 Comment 1:Wolf:-1 Comment 2:Bear:-2 Comment 3:Mouse:-1 Comment 4: deer: 0 And so on...
  14. Prynne


    I'm totally new to all this so I'm kinda floating around YouTube. What I REALLY like so far is....badges! So I tried to do a quick one for Prynne. I do portraits pretty exclusively, so this was surprisingly challenging lol. It's obviously not done (my copics are among the junk I still haven't...
  15. Zhalo

    What do you guys think Frisky is high on all the time?

    Because obviously @Frisky1753 is on something, but what is it? My guess is LSD or shrooms, but it might be something else what are you guy's thoughts?
  16. Friskyaa123

    pm me for the ultimate theory of everything why furry exists

    too political for in public
  17. Friskyaa123

    Is Alex Jones' "gay frogs" actually Battletoads r34 and he has known Battletoads Biblically

    discuss Edit: feeding them male vitality constantly but they just have cloacas
  18. Alif

    Shower Thoughts

    I couldn't find any threads for this, either because I don't dig deep enough, or there is actually no thread for this. Here is where I will (and you can too probably) post my thoughts I randomly get from some type of solitude... Shower thought #1: The word "Go" is actually a complete...
  19. J

    Rate Me (im bored) :P

    Im bored. This is my bored thread. Just punch in a vote i guess :P