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  1. S

    im bored i wanna chat

    i want to chat with people because im just a loner i dont mind if i chat with femboys im single
  2. Kope

    Does anyone know how to get over a deep period of loneliness

    Been alone all my life and was wondering if anyone has a good strategy to counteract the despairing feelings that come along with it.
  3. Bxb777

    Anyone else feeling lonely lately?

    Over the past seven days I have been grounded from using group chats like Telegram and Discord because I did something that I really regret. Those two places where my two main sources of communication in the furry fandom and now I have taken Refuge to FA for the Time being. Even though there's...
  4. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    A Shadow in Human Form

    Why is it when you do your hardest to try an be social with people...with your friends...but then..they don't reciprocate? Why do I bother to stay around, but when I get depressive and want to disappear from the world...they crawl back to me like fucking cockroaches and beg me to say. Tell me...