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longterm rp

  1. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Sapphic/WLW RP Ad

    Hi there! Looking to do an RP for Sapphic characters; cis, trans, or nonbinary are all valid to me, in an rp partner. I'm kinda open to ideas right now, as I am getting back into literate rps, after a year-or-so break from it. Some of my favorite, general ideas are: Some of my favorites are...
  2. J

    Moving to another planet

    Hello I’m jason. This rp can be a couple or best friends. The year is 2040 and commercial living on the moon and Mars has came and it is very cheap to do so. One of are jobs is moving to another planet and the move is free. Or we win a contest to be one of the first in the first habits for...
  3. Zenkiki

    Detailed Story Partners Sought

    So its been a while since I've sought after someone because things have been going fine so far. Currently I am looking for people who want to make a long descriptive story with. I'm looking for anything from 4 sentences+ of quality over quantity. A person who can write just enough detail for the...