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looking for art

  1. BuniiHunii

    Hiring: Looking for age regression artist! (SFW ONLY)

    Age regression: a SFW coping mechanism where you revert back to a child state of mind for therapy! -Art I’m asking for will contain diapers, Pacis, stuffies, and other baby items! All SFW and not sexual. (This is not ABDL/diaper fur.) -budget is under $100! Looking for quick turn around but...
  2. Terranthewolf

    LF Anthro and Feral Artists-USD

    Hello! So I've been looking for art of several of my characters, and I would like to commission some artists, if anyone has their commissions open. I'm looking for anthro and feral artists, so not strictly anthro. I'm looking for digital art, and I don't have a set budget, at the moment. ONLY...
  3. schrieme

    Hiring: ($75+) Seeking Dragoness Character ($75-$120)

    I’m currently looking for a dragoness character to purchase. They can be a custom or someone's character up for sale/unsold adopt. The criteria I have is a bit.. specific, mainly because I already own a father and son duo and want to find a mother for them! My main things I want are - furred...
  4. D

    Looking for two pig TF stories

    Hello, I have been looking for two specific pig TF stories I recall reading, but can't seem to find anymore, so hopefully someone here could recognize them and help. :] The first one was about a girl who's browsing social media, wondering how she could catch the attention of a specific boy...
  5. Nazayne Brown

    Dakimakura Body Pillow ($75-$200)

    Looking around for any artists who can draw a dakimakura layout, two sides for the pillow. NSFW will be involved. I am willing to go higher if needed but I am looking for examples and high quality art.
  6. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: Looking for artists ($67)

    Just like the tile said I'm looking for artists draw my other sonas as i feel like i got enough art of my bird for now. looking for people are familiar or want to try drawing a monkey sona, ampwave sona and Chinese dragon.
  7. Phase2

    Hiring: 100$ price range - bondage (SFW)

    hey there! I'm looking for something SFW and sinister (blood/wounds is allowed) of an evil and strictly bound demon. similar to this sketch- but not needing to be the same. (artistic freedom is welcome) of this character Grieve on Toyhouse looking for any style! roughly 100$ price range...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Hiring: Lookin for artists 5-100$ (closed)

    Hello all! The time has come when i finally have the capability to pay online! Wooh. So now i am looking for artists! I am not looking for any specific style or anything, and the only fetish i might look for is macro related art. So feel free to advertise to me your art, whether its cute...
  9. O

    Looking for artist 5 - 50

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist! There's a character I have that I would like to be drawn! (Duh haha) but he is a human. I just didn't know where else to go. But he's really buff so I'm looking for someone who's drawn buff stuff! I'm not really good at drawing buff characters yet so I'm just...
  10. M

    Hiring: Looking for pro artist that will design my fursona. [50-150$]

    I'm looking for experianced artist that will design me a fursona. The big plus will be a big experience in wolf/fox charcters as much as toony style.
  11. Yohma

    Art Trade: Anyone up for an art trade?

    Hello! I'm looking to make new artist friends on fA, so I thought this would be a nice way to look for people to chat with while also doing something creative. I'm looking for one or two quick trades to do, easy things to exercise my brain between school/work. I don't have any preferences...
  12. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: Would anyone like to draw my Boyo in color?

    I am looking for someone to draw my Lucario in color with literally any pose than the one shown. Looking for someone to do it free of charge. I would pay but I have no way of doing so atm.
  13. kimuyukix

    Looking for a cheap five-page comic commission ($100)

    Moved to https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/looking-for-a-cheap-five-page-comic-commission-100.1657266/
  14. Vunukiis

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking for Artists

    Hello there! I am currently looking to commission from an artist with decent prices that makes detailed anthropomorphic character reference sheets. The maximum price I'm willing to pay is $170 USD. I expect the reference sheet to take a maximum of one month to be drawn. Keep in mind that I may...
  15. F1uffy.Chips

    Looking for chow chow boi!xhow

    Hello there!I haven’t made a post like this in a while so I decided to make one!Today I will be looking for a chow chow fursona.Here is a full desc of them: Normal chow chow patterns and pallet but has a black diamond on his right butt cheek.He is quite fluffy and chubby. I know it’s simple but...
  16. F

    Hiring: Looking for feral artwork (sketches)

    Hi! I am looking for feral artwork- sketches. My price range.... ^100$ I do require though that I am allowed to line/colour it myself. I also require it to be nsfw. and it will be 2 characters.
  17. Aqua-Spirit22

    Looking for human art (specially couple)

    Just that, human art only (I don't know if it's frequent here or?), ideally couples but I may go for single too. My budget is rather low so don't show me stuff above $30 / character please ;; also no private message/conversation, post here please !
  18. F1uffy.Chips

    Would anyone like to draw a ferret?

    I just got this ferret boi from amino.His name is king.Hes a femboy and lives cuddles.He loves wearing pink long sleeve hoodies, a cute hat, and short shorts.He can be a little bit dirty sometimes.He Likes to hang out with his master, and their friends.Feral Or anthro is Fine idm
  19. Tasvyn

    Looking for someone to do a Dragon Icon/PfP

    Hi all! I'm currently looking for someone to do a Dragon Icon! My Budget is around $30! It would be nice if it had a quick turn around aswell!
  20. Sunburst_Odell

    Could Someone Draw Cerise For Me?(Or Do an Art Trade?)

    So, some of you might have seen that character design thread earlier. I finally managed to come up with a design I like--and that's this guy: Cerise on Toyhouse And, like every other time I get a new character, I end up craving art of them. But I still can't commission anyone so I'm just gonna...