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looking for collab

  1. iDrakostral

    Art Trades/collabs?

    Heyo! This is my first post in the forums! I've decided to open up to some collabs or trades! I would prefer people who are on the same art level as me (ex; not using bases mainly) Examples of my work; Star WIP by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ZORDIC2 by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity...
  2. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: NSFW comic trade

    Hello I am planning to test my art experience in comic draw (I will do a small comic). if anyone want to do a comic art trade with me, tell me. It's nsfw and inspired from this: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/captainjingo/sally-discovers-anal-comic I would like to see something like...
  3. Ijaron

    i have a new mic and wanna put it to use

    hello everyone ^^ my name is Norjia i am 20 years old and recently got a new microphone, to be more specific: a Trust Signa HD (sampling rate of 24bit/96000hz) i realy realy wanna put it to use properly, althouhg i already id quite a few singing covers with it (none of them are on my FA page) i...
  4. pupsicle-c

    Introductory Post - Hello Fellow FA Forum Users !!

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Sugar the Fennec Fox (just Sugar for short!) & I'm fairly new to these forums! I've already looked over the Forums General Rules, but if there's any additional advice you've got to share with a newbie, please feel free to do so! I'm 20 years-old (turning 21 in...
  5. Felidire

    Creating new webcomic, looking for art & writing buddy.

  6. DragonLolita

    Collab anyone?

    Examples of my work: Artwork Gallery for DragonLolita -- Fur Affinity [dot] net www.furaffinity.net: My fursona's new ref sheet~! by DragonLolita Artwork Gallery for DragonLolita -- Fur Affinity [dot] net www.furaffinity.net: Firefly Chibi Outfit ref~! by DragonLolita I would be doing the...