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looking for friend(s)

  1. B

    A very new furry

    i just pretty much discovered that I am a furry and I’m very new to the idea. I’m young but completely ok with adult content, I’m pansexual, and I’m female. I’m relatively sure that I am a fox furry, but I don’t have a fursona as of yet. I’m also interested in making friends and using the...
  2. L

    Any Cornish out there or no?

    While I was born in the Midlands in England, I am very lucky to have spent the last 9 years in Cornwall (out of 15) I don't have any friends I know are furries, but I would really like to know if there are any Cornwall furries out there. If you know me in person, here are a few identifiers...
  3. LittleLolita

    Hi! I'm new, help!?

    Hello all and any who choose to read this :p as the title states; I'm new and could really use some help! I just recently decided to explore my interest in the Fur-munity (Ha. Ha. Ha. Bad joke? Please don't take offense :oops:) and I don't want to say or do the wrong thing! As you can probably...
  4. Rarecrazy

    Lookin for an 1 on 1 RPr... and a friend

    Hey so, I'm gonna make it short and sweet. I'm not looking for love, just looking for a friend... So here's a bit about me: I'm a male, growing graphic designer/artist in college I'm over 18 so I am looking for people who are 18 or above (preferably a dude, but I don't deny bra's), I do...
  5. ash♤Feliz

    looking for friends to play league of legends with.

    looking for some friends to play league of legends with. i'm still new to the game just started too but doing my best to improve. i'm not looking to be a competitive player, just want to have fun with the game and the people.
  6. BeautifulBasil

    Lonely people.

    Hey! I'm looking for young adults who are in search of a friend. I never really had any good friends and recently I moved halfway across the country for school (even though I wont actually be attending the first year) so now I really dont know anyone, and I'd like to make more friends... Things...