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looking for friends

  1. Wheeze

    Any Knoxville/East TN furries?

    heya!! i'm gonna be straight up, i'm very lonely and don't have any local friends u_u;; i live in knoxville, tn, currently and id love to meet some cool people around my area! just a heads-up i'm 24 years old so i'm not super looking for friends who are under like...20? i guess? not...
  2. GreenGummies

    Young fur new to the forums

    Hello! I just joined the forums and I'm not really sure where to start ekk I didn't see any rules about minors so I hope I'm allowed to be here,,, Anyways, I'm GreenGummies, an artist, and I've been in the fandom for a few months. I'm really just looking for friends and advice/what to do, as...
  3. Yohma

    Art Trade: Anyone up for an art trade?

    Hello! I'm looking to make new artist friends on fA, so I thought this would be a nice way to look for people to chat with while also doing something creative. I'm looking for one or two quick trades to do, easy things to exercise my brain between school/work. I don't have any preferences...
  4. Jaredthefox92

    Looking for a RP involving giants/macro.

    Hey all, I'm just curious if anyone would like to RP with a roleplay involving giants. I normally like actual giants with a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, or superhero/supervillain like scenarios. While I prefer to play the giant character, I am fine with someone being a giant character if...
  5. Alrazvick

    I’m new, I’m a nerd and I’m looking for new friends.

    I have had an account for some time now but I now I have finally decided that I’m going to try to make new friends. The first thing you need to know about me is that I love video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, science and good stories. I’m a huge fan of Pokémon and Digimon as well as nearly...
  6. HellsBaby99

    Let's Get Friendly 18+

    This post isn't NSFW I just would prefer to make new friends around my age within the fandom. Hii I'm Connie but you can call me Panda if you like. I'm 23 and just recently getting more interested in the fandom and I live in Georgia, USA and would like to make some new friends and stuff. I'm...
  7. Teominious

    Any Southern Wahington Furs?

    Before I type anything else, I deeply apologise if this is the incorrect channel for this to be whapped into. I've not thought of a more appropriate location, nor did I see anything. What's more, I'm not sure if a thread in this vein had been posted before, because the searches I conducted only...
  8. D

    Hiya! New coyote in town

    Hello! It's nice to meet you all! Im new to the forums, and relatively new to furaffinity in general. I've been in the furry community since around September, and I'm having a good time! I haven't found many people to talk to though, so I thought I'd give here a try. c:
  9. Berk

    Hello all

    Name's Berkana you can call me Berk. One of those I go by just on fA. So um, yeah. ive been lurking on the outskirts of all things furry for years now. And decided to actually try and reach out, finally. Im in a pretty isolated area at the moment, in a bit of a tough spot actually, dont know...
  10. pupsicle-c

    Introductory Post - Hello Fellow FA Forum Users !!

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Sugar the Fennec Fox (just Sugar for short!) & I'm fairly new to these forums! I've already looked over the Forums General Rules, but if there's any additional advice you've got to share with a newbie, please feel free to do so! I'm 20 years-old (turning 21 in...
  11. B

    Looking for Other Furry Friends

    I am alone, and sad. Does anyone wish to talk with me about being a furry and such? Please text me
  12. Zehlua

    Bat, nb, 23, fursuiter

    Heya guys! I'm a bat furry looking to make some friends! I'm in a closed relationship with my sweetheart, and I thought it would be nice to give people a heads-up on that! If you need to know anything about my boundaries and preferences, I posted a helpful list not too long ago...
  13. NerdyBirdieGirl

    Hello Everyone!!! Why Not Spark Up a Convo w/ Me???

    ~Hello FA Forums!!~ OwO My name is NerdyBirdieGirl(here on the Forums and everywhere else on FA), and I am here to introduce myself to Fur Affinity and make some friends! Here's a few things you should know about me!: -I myself do not own/wear a fursuit! -I DO have a Fursona...
  14. Mischievous

    Oh hecc waddup

    hay all, i go by mo and mischievous so call me whichever you'd like. Obviously i'm new to fur affinity and i'm looking for more furry friends! (preferable people my age ~20ish) I also have no clue how to properly use this site so any advice is appreciated! My sona is named mischievoux and they...
  15. Kenyatta

    Rookie Artist Checking In

    Just joined, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kenta! I'm a rookie artist who like designing characters a little too much. Looking for friends to talk with, and people to critique my art, maybe take some art requests sometime if I have time. Nice to meet y'all! I'm trying to learn how to...
  16. Kurotsune

    Lookin' for furry friends about my age(19)

    Hello (^-^)/ I'm looking for furry friends about my age, so if you're about 19 and wanna be friend, then I'm lookin' for ya ^^
  17. dojero

    Looking to make Connections

    Been feeling pretty lonely here lately. I'm looking to extend my social circle. Not sure if there's a thread for this or not? About me: -Sassy -23 -Fem (taken) -USA -Beginner Artist -Enjoys reading fantasy/adventure books, anime, Pokémon, animals, etc. My discord is dojero#9353 Hit me up if...
  18. pidge

    New artist looking to do commissions

    Hello there! I'm new to fur affinity and I'm looking for a audience. I also want to start doing commissions but I've never done them before so I don't know what to price them at. Any advice on commissions or how to get noticed would be much appreciated:)
  19. N

    Looking for friends in the fandom.

    Hello fluff-butts! I'm a rather new furry (joined about 10 months ago) and have started getting more into the social side of the furry fandom. I'm male 14 and into Warhammer, LARP, website design, writing and am always open to RP. If anyone wants to chat they can get me through skype or email...
  20. Zydama

    I wanna make some fluffy friends ovo

    Hey there! I'm Jenn, Zydama on FA and on DeviantArt. Honestly I just came to the forums because I'm lonely AF. I see all these great artists with big friend circles and I want to get in on that! The novelty of just chatting and trading art between friends is this sweet dream I'm reaching for...