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looking for work

  1. TikTikKobold

    (Commission) Selling: Fiction Writer (SFW and NSFW $5-$200)

    I like to keep myself open to writing commissions whenever I can, so if you’re interested in some stories, give me a note and we can work on something. Choosing Tik Tik I have been writing stories for patreon for awhile now, as well as plenty of commissions. Most of them are of the NSFW...
  2. Katook

    Several styles of art available! Human|Anthro|Feral

    Hey there furs and nonfurs alike :D I'm still offering my services to bring to life your characters and ideas! I work on little reference, the multi-character image below, first in the list, being done off of primarily written reference. With WIPs at every stage, communication is pivotal in my...
  3. pupsicle-c

    Introductory Post - Hello Fellow FA Forum Users !!

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Sugar the Fennec Fox (just Sugar for short!) & I'm fairly new to these forums! I've already looked over the Forums General Rules, but if there's any additional advice you've got to share with a newbie, please feel free to do so! I'm 20 years-old (turning 21 in...
  4. RenniksArts

    Commissions Open

    Please message me directly if interested, I am open to discussion before purchase. Please make sure to have all information at the ready (references, example images, descriptions) before contacting me, google documents are preferred when sending me all needed information. Any drastic changes to...