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  1. JadeBleufox

    Bayou Furry Bash 2020, Louisiana's first Furry con

    Louisiana is finally getting it's own Furry Convention! Being held in Metairie, LA, right outside of New Orleans! More info can be found at these links Follow us here and everywhere for news and updates! Share so your friends will know too! Telegram Channel: t.me/BayouFurryBash Telegram...
  2. B

    any furries around NE Louisiana?

    looking to make some furry friends around the NE Louisiana area please dont be shy!
  3. Cercus


    Checking out the FA forums. I've been a member of FA on and off since 2010 and the forum scene even longer. I go by Cercus on FA, DeviantArt and a few other places. HeadlessCercus on tumblr because some nincompoop already had, and doesn't use I might add, my name. I'm a Pagan and consider...