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  1. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Oc couple request

    Heya I search someone who can do a nsfw or sfw couple. If nsfw, I would like you do something around feet and vore (anal vore with boots/feet pushing) Here are the ocs, they are all males. Beld Rodinia: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43182014/ Tunor Rigel...
  2. RuffTumbling

    Things you love that are totally STUPID?

    ATTENTION: This thread is for expressing our undying love for completely stupid things. Therefor, please do not make too much judgment. So the world has a lot of stupid stuff in it right? However, does that certain thing being stupid also mean it's bad? NO IT DOES NOT!!! This thread is a soap...
  3. RuffTumbling

    Write a letter to someone/thing you love!

    Whether it's your mother, father, siblings or that bag of chips that took you 5 minutes to eat, this thread is a thread of open letters to the ones/things you love. I'll start: Dear Banano my beloved banana slug, you are such a trooper and beautiful creature. From the bottom of my heart I...
  4. devilsroost

    (YCH) Selling: Valentines kissing YCH Any Species, Any gender. SFW + NSFW £60

    Full colour of your characters kissing at sunset Any Genders for either Any species for either £60 for your slot! Message me! NSFW option available (+£20) or DM me on twitter to grab your slot Paypal (or Paypal alts) only
  5. Duncan Glaze

    Obscure Digimon Lovers

    I'm not sure this if this thread has been done before but, what are your favorite obscure Digimon and your reason for liking them? Any reason is fine. For me, it's Ranamon (and her digivolved form, Calmaramon) because of how arrogant yet secured she was in her belief that she was beautiful...
  6. UwUCarlaUwU

    HuG tImE

    Welcome to a place for free hugs XD, GOTTA HUG EM ALL! :D
  7. somniari

    (Base/YCH) Selling: New open YCH auctions!! SBs ranging from $10 to $30

    super happy with how the valentines ychs turned out (theyre now open as fixed price ychs with unlimited slots here), heres new open auction ychs! on fur affinity | on dA | on commishes | on inkbunny OR contact me! on fur affinity | on dA | on commishes | on inkbunny OR contact me...
  8. HariKuran

    (Base/YCH) Selling: "I'm in love" YCH ($15)

    Open for a few slots on this V-Day YCH. Any gender, any species! This will be a shaded piece with a simple background! Comment or note to claim a slot!
  9. Benjie Foxilia

    Hiring: {CLOSED} Couple Art, Mild NSFW? [≤$120 USD+tip]

    {AN ARTIST HAS BEEN CONTACTED. THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTACTED ME! THIS POSTING IS NOW CLOSED AND NOW EXISTS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.} G'day! I'm lookin' to get a digital drawing done of an anthro couple to celebrate a relationship anniversary. This would consist of two full-bodies, of course, and...
  10. KyloTiger

    (NSFW) Just a lonely kitty looking for a loving NSFW rp.

    I'm open to pretty much anything but a few things like scat, diapers, watersports, BDSM, age play, etc. I'm into onesies, mild TF and being wholesome.
  11. KD142000

    Show me pics of couples' art!

    Hey, all! So, after checking if a thread like this already existed...it's been at least 7 months since it was last updated. So, as not to necro anything, here's a new one! Post your couples art here (it can be you and your significant other or another couple you really like). After enough...
  12. Mirage

    Boys love comics

    Hi guys, I'll be sincerely. I'm a new user and I'd like to know some people and maybe have some cool feedbacks of my art. I'm working on a story specially for FA, and I'd appreciate if you guys give me a hand here. If you like my art and get interested, could you make a visit on my page and...
  13. Mirage

    Started a BL Comic

    Division Zero hey guys, I'm starting a mini serie of comic strips telling the story of Elih, a pacifist boy who was oblied to enroll the magic army. Where he met a man called Vax, known by everyone as "The Deadly admiral". Vax is a psychopath who entered the army when a young man, to be able to...
  14. N

    I love it when....

    ...I get to spend 5 minutes talking to someone I actually care about.
  15. Aika the manokit

    Name one furry you'd ship with your sona

    Not sure if this is good or frowned upon but let's wing it. Simply name a furry or someone on the site's Sona who you would ship with your sona. I'm not trying to start drama or anything. It's simply for laughs. If this gets me a second strike with the mods, it's my own dang fault
  16. Regal_Tails

    Smile! It's Valentines Day!

    (Might be a little late, but screw it! ) Happy Valentines Day to all! We hope you all have a safe and lovely night tonight! If not, we hope this warm loving smile from Naja makes your night special! ^^ Big ups and loves to @furriosity for drawing this beautiful girl. She was long overdue for...
  17. B

    Male Pink fox seeks RP partners and friends, preferably chubby furs!

    So just wanna post this on the forum that I am always looking for new friends and lately just been running into a lot of one RP stands and never hear from the person again. Really makes ya upset when your trying to form a friendship with that person. But anyways my fursona is a male pink I...
  18. Aika the manokit

    Interspecies relationships

    If the world was populated by anthro animals, do you think interspecies relationships would be acceptable or would they be persecuted like homosexuals are in our world? PS: Im a straight, catholic man who supports gay rights and gay lives
  19. Fere

    Looking for critique/beta readers for new novel

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there was anyone out there interested in taking a read of my latest novel, Blyth Gwynne? :-) Perhaps give me some feedback, pointers, critique etc.? It's an adult novel with wolves, heavy metal, murder and mental illness mixed in for good measure. 80k in length. 5...
  20. Ronnya


    oof this doesn’t have anything to do with furries, but I’m looking for advice. So ive recently found that I’m in love. The thing is, he’s not an ordanary guy... he’s my brothers friend. I have no clue what to do in this situation. Please give me advice. I might not look at it right away, I’ve...