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  1. GabyHamster

    BIG YCH SET ($45+) | Dark, powerful, sadeness, love themes

    ·✦⊱·━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━⋆✦⋆ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━·⊰✦· I will be very glad if you find among my works something that will help emphasize and complement your story and character Check it out here ⬇ ✂- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  2. Sodasats20

    (Don’t respond)

    Just post what you would do if some asshole came and did something to the most important person in your life Could be portrayed by video, or really anything (Feel free to give yourself powers) Personally, I’d probably do something like this
  3. Ikstina

    I finished a cute commission

    you can see it here --> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47839103/
  4. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: Anyone willing to draw my two gay beans together as taurs?

    So I have this cute gay couple among my characters who both over time got taur versions and was wondering if anyone would be interested/willing in drawing them together in those forms <3 I'd share pics of them on here but ones to large to put in post and other has nipples showing so just links...
  5. GabyHamster


    Oops... There was a nuisance and I had to re-buy plane tickets to fly to my parents, because the previous round-trip flightshad just been canceled. It was stressful, but I got over it. I have applied for a refund, but I have no idea when the money will be returned to me (and whether it will be...
  6. S

    Happy Pride Month 2022!

    Happy Pride Month everyone! Please stay safe if y’all will be out and celebrating. I know there’s been a lot of backlash against our community in the recent months… but together we stand strong! Hate against our people will never win. Does anyone have plans to celebrate this month...
  7. XionMonro

    Sci-Fi rp NSFW romance

    Meet the VRL ISH-9-33 line. a highly advanced AI hyenaform capable of human emotion and characteristics unlike any other seen before. With models capable of preforming deep space missions. Models capable of going into battles. And a new civilian model capable of a tender touch, while still...
  8. GabyHamster

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ($35+) LOVE, MAGIC and SEXY themes! YCH with a BIG SALE

    ✶ ° . .  .  ☾ ⠀⠀  . * ¸ ⠀.   ✶ ° :.  . •⠀○ ° ⠀  .  ☆ .  . ⠀⠀ ✶⠀  . * . .  ¸ . Hello! I present to your attention a small collection of YCH that will give your characters a little magic, elegance and love aura ~⭐ Prices are significantly reduced Thank you for your attention to my works...
  9. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Valentine's Day YCH

    Hey all! I have 10 slots for a YCH full body. You receive: Full lineart Any species minor edits such as flat color, change in ribbon color, and/or black details Special prices for more than 1 slot taken. DM me!!
  10. S

    Request: I'm new to the fandom and was wondering if anyone would like to draw me and someone else as a animal

    Hello I’m new here, and I was wondering if someone would like to draw me and him into an animal. I have references.
  11. TyraWadman


    Come together and Tag someone to show them your love! You can explain why you're tagging them, or naw, your choice! @Borophagus Metropolis @FlooferWoofer @Chomby @Rimna @Rayd (Just because your name isn't listed here doesn't mean I don't care btw, I just don't want to flood tags ToT)
  12. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Oc couple request

    Heya I search someone who can do a nsfw or sfw couple. If nsfw, I would like you do something around feet and vore (anal vore with boots/feet pushing) Here are the ocs, they are all males. Beld Rodinia: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43182014/ Tunor Rigel...
  13. RuffTumbling

    Things you love that are totally STUPID?

    ATTENTION: This thread is for expressing our undying love for completely stupid things. Therefor, please do not make too much judgment. So the world has a lot of stupid stuff in it right? However, does that certain thing being stupid also mean it's bad? NO IT DOES NOT!!! This thread is a soap...
  14. RuffTumbling

    Write a letter to someone/thing you love!

    Whether it's your mother, father, siblings or that bag of chips that took you 5 minutes to eat, this thread is a thread of open letters to the ones/things you love. I'll start: Dear Banano my beloved banana slug, you are such a trooper and beautiful creature. From the bottom of my heart I...
  15. devilsroost

    (YCH) Selling: Valentines kissing YCH Any Species, Any gender. SFW + NSFW £60

    Full colour of your characters kissing at sunset Any Genders for either Any species for either £60 for your slot! Message me! NSFW option available (+£20) or DM me on twitter to grab your slot Paypal (or Paypal alts) only
  16. LizardKing05

    Obscure Digimon Lovers

    I'm not sure this if this thread has been done before but, what are your favorite obscure Digimon and your reason for liking them? Any reason is fine. For me, it's Ranamon (and her digivolved form, Calmaramon) because of how arrogant yet secured she was in her belief that she was beautiful...
  17. UwUCarlaUwU

    HuG tImE

    Welcome to a place for free hugs XD, GOTTA HUG EM ALL! :D
  18. somniari

    (Base/YCH) Selling: New open YCH auctions!! SBs ranging from $10 to $30

    super happy with how the valentines ychs turned out (theyre now open as fixed price ychs with unlimited slots here), heres new open auction ychs! on fur affinity | on dA | on commishes | on inkbunny OR contact me! on fur affinity | on dA | on commishes | on inkbunny OR contact me...
  19. HariKuran

    (Base/YCH) Selling: "I'm in love" YCH ($15)

    Open for a few slots on this V-Day YCH. Any gender, any species! This will be a shaded piece with a simple background! Comment or note to claim a slot!
  20. Benjie Foxilia

    Hiring: {CLOSED} Couple Art, Mild NSFW? [≤$120 USD+tip]

    {AN ARTIST HAS BEEN CONTACTED. THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTACTED ME! THIS POSTING IS NOW CLOSED AND NOW EXISTS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.} G'day! I'm lookin' to get a digital drawing done of an anthro couple to celebrate a relationship anniversary. This would consist of two full-bodies, of course, and...