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  1. MapleKitty

    Request: Hi hi! Anybody interested in drawing a cute lynx?

    Her name is Maple She's normally shy and quiet, but is willing to try getting to know someone better and opening up to them eventually She kinda likes the colder weather She normally wears a big cozy sweater with a necklace that has a maple leaf charm on it She enjoys hot cocoa and chocolate...
  2. MapleKitty

    Request: Let me try this again...

    Is anybody willing to draw my fursona? I already made a post seeing if anyone would be interested in drawing her but eh. She's just a very shy kitty who's also a bit of a silly dork when she's comfortable enough, and I based her colors on fall leaves since I made her in September. Thanks in...
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Lynx Appreciation Thread

    These XL kitties need some appreciation.
  4. Bergohle

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sfw adopts hyena/lynx 45$/35$ flat price

    Currently selling these two girls for a flat price! I love their designs very much and would have saved em for myself but I’ll be very happy if they can find a new home. The price is negotiable but you can’t resell them for more money than you paid. You can make any design or gender alterations...
  5. burdcat

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 30$ Lynx Adoptables!

    Base by lynxsprout, these babies are 30$ each! buyer will get a high-quality unwatermakred version emailed to them! -paypal only -only one 24hr hold per person
  6. Lysirell

    Making a fursona for a friend. Opinions?

    Well, i'm using a base for this one (as i did with my fursona), because at the time i still suck at drawing. Though, luckily, this lynx design looks better than my own fursona IMO, and i don't even know how i made it, but i'm really proud TuT What do you think about the design? Should i make...
  7. Khei

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Auction - Pasha SB $20

    After a lot of deliberation, I've decided to offer Pasha up for auction. She was going to be my new fursona but I don't connect with her like I thought I would. This includes all rights to the character. Winner can alter her as desired. She has 12+ pieces of digital art, 2 plushies, 8 telegram...
  8. Brandon G.

    Hiring: multiple Sona telegram sticker pack(s)~$5-$10 per sticker

    Looking for telegram sticker pack(s) for my different sonas(total of 4 sonas, fox,lynx,lion,femboy fox), I'd like NSFW and sfw for each sona. I'm thinkinf like $5 per sticker(I'm not super sure on fair pricing for these are so price is definitely negotiable) I'm (obviously) new to commissioning...
  9. ThavionHawk

    Looking for reviews and help with my stories

    I've been working off and on writing a series of stories that for the life of me I can't stop writing over and over again. At this point I have hundreds of pages of text with multiple continuity errors that need to be worked out along with a number of spelling and grammar errors. What I'm...
  10. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Art Advice

    I feel like I'm stuck at my current style D: any advice on what I can improve or change? Art for Pru on Amino by me <3
  11. Brandon G.

    Needing a couple of works for 2 sonas(nsfw &sfw)

    Looking for two different sonas, both male,to be drawn the first I would like a nsfw and a sfw version the other just a sfw is fine The first one would be a lynx with pretty traditional marking and brownish red hair. As far as clothing goes something like a modern greaser;converse, ripped up...
  12. Glimpse

    An introduction of sorts

    Hello, I go by Rae- my fursona is Glimpse. Open to whatever potential friends I may encounter. I don't really know a lot of people who share my furry interest... I'm a bit quiet til I get to know someone but I wouldn't say I'm particularly shy. To start I'm into art of many types from...
  13. K


    I did it. You guys. I did it. After 15 years, I finally created my first fursona. I want you to meet Sealed Venom. Sealed is a dual-formed demon that has taken the form of a male lynx. While Sealed is in lynx form he is built slender, lithe, like a muscular dancer with white fur and deep...