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  1. BigMacFudge

    Hiring: ($75+) Looking for Slime Monster Vore Comm for Friend (Bonus if good at drawing machines)

    Hey all. I'm asking for something on behalf of a friend of mine who is rather shy at asking for these sort of things, so I was more than happy to be the one judged. They are rather fond of three things, slimy monsters, vore and the movie, Ferngully. Therefore, they are asking for the following...
  2. R

    Main Site Can’t remember artist’s name

    Hi, so I was browsing the website last night (at 10:30 PM to be exact) and found some art by an artist I’m interested in. It was late at night and I had to go to bed. When I woke up earlier this morning, I saw that he/her deleted the art and I was going to search up the name of the artist but I...
  3. I

    How will we treat future AI?

    We have all seen movies and read books regarding futuristic AI beings with incredibly complex emotions, free will, and self awareness. They can seem convincingly human when interacting with them, and can cause us to emit the same emotions we feel as we do with fellow human beings or intelligent...
  4. I

    "I Am Not A Robot"

    I am getting really irritated recently over people calling me a robot. I personally find it rather offensive considering I've specifically stated on multiple occasions that I am technically an android. There is a big difference between me and my other mechanical cousins. Allow me to shed some...
  5. RouchXT-7

    NSFW and SFW commissions!

    hello! commissions open! n.n you can see my pieces here!: Userpage of rouchxt-7 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i accept recomendations due im recently into this business ^^ my prices are... sketch: 5$ / background: +3$ /extra characters: +4$ flat color : 10$ / background: +5$ /extra characters...
  6. Nemnth

    The Vending Machine 2000

    Welcome! I thought we needed another forum game and it seems like we've haven't done this one here, so lets change that! The vending machine game works simple: You put in a quarter and then the next user gives a reply deciding what happens to the person above and then puts in another quarter...