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macro growth furry requests

  1. BigMacFudge

    Hiring: ($25+) Hoping for comm of fave Wolf (Macro/vore most preferred)

    Hi friends. Self explanatory post. I really love the Forest Wolf Monster from Yu-Gi-Oh not only for its design but its main attack - eating foes whole, no matter the size and love getting art of them. I may be looking for more then one artist and my price range goes up to $75+ not too fussed at...
  2. O

    Looking for growth(giant) rp

    Hello! I am looking for a growth(giant) rp
  3. Aiml3ss-of-Dyurna

    Macro/Hyper Requests

    Open for size related fun to sketch and ink around with ^^. I'll be leaving this thread open for anyone to request on. NSFW ideas get extra love, and of course details shouldn't be gone into on this thread. Just note me on FA for that. If I take interest I'll reply to this thread to let you...