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  1. Lei-Lani

    "Shadows in Light" is a hit! ♥

    We're bowled over to already have gotten a couple of five-star reviews from Reader's Favorites, including one saying, "...masterfully written. Shadows In Light presents an intricate plot, an engaging work of detective fiction, and a colorful world to absorb readers. It is an immersive read...
  2. Jaredthefox92

    Favorite type of magic?

    In literature involving spells, magic runes, enchanted weapons, or any sort of applied supernatural phenomena, what is your favorite type of magic?
  3. Nostradamus Darkfury

    Looking to test my strength... fight me ;)

    My name is Nostradamus. Nostradamus Darkfury. I am stronger than anyone whose ever lived and died and today I’d like to test my strength against you mortals. Strengths: Blessings of 1000 demons, massive claws, devastating teeth, control over the magic of our Lands, expert potion maker, caller...
  4. hecko

    Meet: Toby Quartz (Lizard sona)

    I thought it would be fun to post a bio/intro of some sort about my 'sona. I'm going to be using the bio template from Just for kicks...Bio form. I may have gone a bit overboard with a whole backstory and lore but hey! I have a lot of fun making characters like that. Tell me, what do you...
  5. Rap Daniel

    The Hogwarts Blog

    Note for Muggles: Pure fiction So, we just got a new headmaster after Professor McGonnagall decided to retire, and he lifted the enchantment making Muggle devices go mental, so now I can post here! Here's what's happened during my last 3 years at Hogwarts! I was sorted into Hufflepuff I met...
  6. Rap Daniel

    Important Blogwarts change

    I'm going to restart it, because Rap learned things that he realistically shouldn't be allowed to learn until sixth year. Rap's only a first year! He shouldn't be able to Disapparate! So on Sep. 1st, I'll restart the blog from Rap's third year, and hopefully it'll stay accurate to the real...
  7. zombiebatpanda

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH ($45 each )

    This is my very first attempt at YCH drawings and I have two Male poses available, custom weapons , clothes and magical abilities may be added as well as a simple background of your choice . Will be colored and have shading to my best ability . I'm in a tight spot financially right now and I...
  8. Silvie

    [Setting] Silvie's Shop for Herbs and Charms

    "I'm a Fairy-fox from the green lands of Arcadia and I've been lost in this side of the veil since I was a small cub. I discovered my glamour essence after I grow up and then began drifting away from my earthbound family, exploring the world on my own. Now I'm trying to find my real home while I...
  9. Catrin Shrady

    Check out my fantasy art!

    If you like it, please consider giving me a watch and subscribing to my youtube channel for speed draws!
  10. ALRtist

    (Other) Selling: Elemental Magic themed Painting

    This is a mixed media painting. Watercolor design with Black acrylic background. Added effects: Metalic watercolors, and glitter paint. (It does NOT shed the glitter. You're welcome) It showcases a type of yin and yang self portrait of the artist holding elemental symbols around the hands, and...
  11. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Anyone up for this character?

    I've been thinking that i really need something better done for Starren. Starren is a character of mine I've had for awhile now, while looking young in his late teens to young twenties, he is a hybrid dragon panther wolf, with life and death powers. I don't have anything good of him, but if...
  12. little.fox

    Holiday YCH's! Yule themes! Full color starting at $20

    Hi there! I'm doing Holiday and Yule themed YCH's until the end of December ^^ Below are the YCH's I currently have available, along with their prices! Only one slot at a time will be open for each. I accept payment via Paypal, Amazon giftcard, or Cashapp. All of my YCH's can be ANY...
  13. AkiDarkstarCreations

    Various YCHs for sale ♡

    Hiya! I have a handful of YCHs available that are great for the Halloween season that id love to get sold. ^.^ each will be fully shaded when complete >>Click here to see YCHs<< Gender: any (poses are as shown regardless of gender) Species: Humanoid or Anthro (no dutchies) Payment: due...
  14. SpiritSeed

    Adopt Raffle for you people ! ♥

    Hey it's the Spirit again ! I'm holding a double adopt raffle on Deviant Art AND on Fur Affinity. If you want the twins go try to get those ladies ! :3 www.furaffinity.net: [Adopt Raffle] - CatSeed - Lady Collomba by SpiritSeed and her sister on DA : www.deviantart.com: [Adopt Raffle]...
  15. K

    Animated Neon Wolf

    Hi guys! I'm new here and would like to start selling some of the animations I make. This is an adoptable/auction. This is a species I drew back in 6th grade and I decided to remake them. They are called Noctvulpes, a wolf-like species that is known for being reclusive, mythical, and magical...
  16. Dubhdara

    New Fantasy Novel "A Monk's Tail"

    Hiya everyone! So I've been writing on and off for a while, simply for pleasure or to let off steam after a busy day. But eventually a novel formed and I ended up publishing it. "A Monk's Tail" is about a firefox monk/monster hunter who gets in way over his head. Action, adventure, and other...
  17. BirdSchool

    [Closed] Looking for a D&D Character Design (Kenku Warlock, $20-30 Budget)

    Edit: Thanks for all the responses! I've narrowed it down to 2-3 artists that I'm considering! All of your work is amazing though! Edit 2: I've reached out to the artist I'll be working with. I'll definitely be keeping some of you in mind if I decide to get more art of her down the line! Hi...
  18. Voldrak

    (Discord) New Modern esque roleplay with themes of magic, technology, and more.

    So, Me and my friends have been working on a setting for a roleplay, and we've finally finished. If you're interested in joining this, contact me on discord at river58#0922 or join the discord in my signature. If it's not interesting or somethings wrong, please let me know why :P. Here's the info:
  19. semater

    Requesting critique; Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War

    Name of work in Progress: Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Link: www.thefurryforum.com: The Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Summary of Work: A young prince finds his world thrown into chaos when a demonic invasion led by his elder brother ravages the kingdom. Prince Robert must gather the...
  20. ewemoji

    Fantasy Themed Loot Crate Commissions!

    Hi, everyone! I hear that you all LOVE loot crates! So here is my personal loot crate that I have created. Pretty much you pay the amount and submit an oc and the oc will get one of the random fantasy classes and items in this box. its all 100% random. I can tell you what you got from the box or...