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  1. ToddVixelle

    FA+ Without PayPal?

    I'm lookin' into FA+ but I don't fancy my phone-number, and address being sent along with the order, considering it's a digital service, requiring either a shipping, or home address is a little pointless. Is there an alternative method to buy FA+ without essentially self-doxing? Perhaps there...
  2. U

    Login button not responsive

    I accidently log out my account three days ago, and I want to login again. However, the login button is not responsive no matter how many times I click. Cleared cookies, tried this on other browsers and even on mobile ones, still unresponsive. So how do I enter the site now?
  3. HikaruTheWolf

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    Hello! Some time ago I decided I would try to advertise my FA Account with FA Add Banners, but when I wrote the email to the advertising Team I never got a response... Recently I tried again but still no luck. I wrote them the first mail the 26th of November, the second one the 1st of December...
  4. lustymouse

    Main Site Confused on how and what to post

    Hey everyone, I'm going to lay down my derpiness right off the bat and express that I'm absolutely dumb on how the main site works. Been a member for some years but never posted much outside of what I've drawn here and there - however this lands me into this new territory as follows: 1. What...
  5. Plouc the Dragon

    Main Site Voting system on comments

    Commissioner techcoyote529 just posted a comment on this pic (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21998951) for the voting system since 5 years ago. If YouTube or e621's voting system on comments was a thing, do you furries agrees on techcoyote529's idea or not?
  6. Plouc the Dragon

    Main Site Update into a Full User Block

    Hey guys, I'm kinda bored with the odl user block thing on Fur Affinity, but I wanted to see a full user block on Fur Affinity What does the normal user block do: Unable to comment, note, fave, and follow the account. But, what really makes the full user block do: Same thing for the normal user...
  7. zenmaldita

    Main Site How do I keep SFW mode on when I log in?

    I may be a whole adult, but I don't like it when I log in and the site is automatically in NSFW and I have to keep toggling SFW back on whenever I log in. This wasn't an issue before; back then if I log off at NSFW, I log in with that and vise versa. Now it's just BOOM! GENITALS D: I've looked...
  8. Gem-Wolf

    Main Site FA main site down?

    I can't seem to access the main site via any device or web browser. I get an error code. Has the site gone down and if so, was it planned or have we been DDoS'd again?
  9. W

    Main Site Possible to access d.facdn links via Modern design?

    If I switch to Classic and hit download I can access the full size image fine, but that button only downloads directly if I'm on the modern design. EDIT: It *used* to be that way as early as yesterday, but now it brings me to the cdn even when I'm on modern. Might want to lock the thread...
  10. Legacy2988

    Main Site I designed a "Dark Mode" for classic view.

    Im curious if any devs are interested in seeing the modified code. The code includes the CSS values inside the HTML doc because, as an IT pleabian in this situation, i dont have acsess to the CSS style sheet. Along with changing B/G colours, I also added a floating search-bar and all of the...
  11. Notkastar

    Main Site Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers?

    (Moved to the Site Discussion) Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers like: H1,h2- and so on? The headers add spacing I've rather not be there.
  12. Notkastar

    Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers?

    Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers like: H1,h2- and so on? The headers add spacing I've rather not be there.
  13. Deathless

    Is vore considered NSFW?

    I know vore is a fetish, but when I go on the main site with SFW enabled, I still see vore. I'm not kink-shaming or anything, but I think vore should be at least marked as mature content, not everyone wants to see it. Everyone has the right to be into what they like, no judgement, but not...
  14. Sunburst_Odell

    Noticed Something

    You know how people on the main site post submissions that say they're streaming? Has anyone else noticed that they are always NSFW streams? I have nothing against people being into yiff, but surely people don't only watch streams just to see their character in lewd situations and nothing...
  15. B

    Profile Question

    I tried posting on "Main Site and Forum Support," but I didn't have the privilege to do so. Maybe I had to post in introductions or something. ANYWAYS, I hope this section of the forums can work. Is it possible to post a gif under the "Profile Information" section on your profile using [ i m g...
  16. Uluri

    May I ask if Beta has a future Update anytime?

    Will there be an FA Beta Update in the near future? It is completely okay if there is no update soon for the Beta Layout, I'm just curious about it. I really enjoy when it updates because I find it fun to see the changes. I also think it's interesting to read everyone's feedback on it. Ummm...
  17. Nova Scarlett


    Hi! I need help logging into the main site so I can watch\leave comments on other people's posts. Thanks.
  18. Wolvinof

    Login Not Being Consistent Or Working

    Very recently, the main site's been acting up about whether I'm logged in or not. On some pages, I'm logged in like usual, but on others, I'm just logged out. Weird thing is, it's very specific pages. For instance, I could go to someone's main userpage and be logged off, but then I type in the...
  19. Joseph Collins

    [Fur Affinity] Thumbnail Upload Issues (Size/Quality)

    Previous thread title: "Two Upload Scripts?" Hello. Long-time site member, first-time forum poster, here with a question: Why does Fur Affinity have two completely different upload scripts/services for submission thumbnails? I ask this because the thumbnails you get when submitting something...
  20. Asia Neko

    Main Site Known & Reported Issues

    Known Reported UI Issues Other ---------------------- Note: When issues are added these posts are updated. While the post date says March of 2017 please be assured this list is still being updated. You can see the latest edit date on the bottom right of each individual post. Known Below are...