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maine coon

  1. CharTem

    Request: New Fursona Needs Art

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would like to draw my new fursona: www.furaffinity.net: Felix Ref by CharTem He's a mainecoon light magician and I would really appreciate any art I could get of him! Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  2. littleredglaring

    $15 Maine Coon Adoptables (6/6 available!)

    Hi! I have six cats open for adoption: Please comment here if you'd like to claim one: www.furaffinity.net: MAINE COON ADOPTABLES (6/6) by littleredglaring
  3. E

    I did the thing! (bio form)

    Finally got off my ass and wrote out my 'sona. It's rather (read: ridiculously) long. Since I can't draw for shit, I was a bit more explicit in the appearance section than most just in case I end up commissioning art for her at some point. I tried to separate things out so it's easier to get...
  4. Q

    a really tubby maine coon

    hello everyfur! I was hoping a kind artist could help me out by drawing my ideal fursona. my character's a maine coon cat, she's dark grey with bubblegum pink markings. picture a swirling striped pattern on her belly. she's really tubby. hoping someone is willing to help me out. also, i'm...