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  1. N

    Main Site Blocked users are still on my watchers list

    I don't know if this is a bug or what, but I've noticed that even when I block a user, they are still listed on my watchers. It's very annoying. Does this mean they are still getting my submissions in their inbox? I blocked a user on my FA account THAX-39 a week or so ago and they are still...
  2. Deathless

    Free Art: 30 Watchers Raffle!!

    I will be doing a raffle on the main site once I hit 30 watchers! www.furaffinity.net: ⫸30 WATCHERS RAFFLE!!⫷ by LuciferTheDemon All of the information that is needed will be on this post! If you do not have an account on the main site, you can comment with a number and reference here! Same...
  3. A

    Can someone give me a hand with profile info formatting please?

    Hello all, I'd like to build up a good profile information section over at my main FA account. Among those I've seen, the ones that captured my attention the most were those profile descriptions that have the text written centrally, and not in the ordinary left-to-right fashion. Can someone tell...