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  1. Zehlua

    Hiring: Looking for a Partial Fursuit Maker!

    I'm looking to get a partial toony or semi-toony fursuit (head, arms, handpaws, and tail) of this character: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua Ref by Zehlua This includes a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, and claws. I need a maker who is willing to communicate clearly and honestly with...
  2. Armomen

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Partial Suit Comission (Starting at $600)

    I'm open for one fursuit commission slot - partials (full or mini) only for now. Based in NC, USA, I've been making fursuits for about 7 years now, but only ever had time to work on my own (though I have made quite a lot of suit parts for commissions), really; due to school. But now I'm all done...
  3. Scrydan

    Super Mario Maker 2

    Let's talk about that hype. It has been awhile since the Nintendo Direct that announced it. I always had a feeling they'd soon announce this game, even if just a port. But this is no doubt a sequel and a possibly good one at that. There's tons of new features and likely some new ones yet to be...
  4. G

    My Idea for a unique system for fursuits (critique/input wanted)

    I'm going to keep this brief. I figured, to improve comfort and to add some more variations for a lower cost, that a pants-top/bodysuit combo would be a good alternative. I have had the idea to make a slimmer, less smothering version of a fursuit that is more bathroom friendly and better for...
  5. Deathless

    Underrated Fursuit Makers?

    There's a lot of fursuit makers out there. From Etsy to Skypro Costumes, everyone has their own style. I want to know if there's any underrated makers you've heard about. The makers that need more love for their amazing works! I would have to say a maker I really think needs more love would be...
  6. pvppycreep

    LF Fursuit Makers! + Selling/Trading Partial

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a maker who specifies in toony or semi-toony fursuits. I would like to get my fursona made into a partial. I want a head, paws, armsleeves, feet paws, and a tail, but I could settle for just a head, paws, and tail. I am currently trying to sell or trade my...
  7. Cuberry

    Quotes/commissions open for head/partial! Come see! <3

    Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm open for partial and head only quotes! HMU!! They will start at a base of $300 for heads and $450 for a partial (head, hand paws, and...
  8. Tizri777

    Alternative for Eyelids and lips

    Hello, I am a first time fursuit maker, looking to make my own suit and i have run into a few small snags. Mainly being able to afford apoxie sculpt for the eyelids and lips. I am making a semi toony head from a resin base. I was wondering if there are other things i can use that wont cost me...
  9. Martin2W

    Who make best looking sergal fursuits?

    Hello, I'm looking for makers who can make really cool looking sergal. My suit would include led eyes, dreadlocks, some patterns, ditigrade legs. So question is there are makers who can really bring sergal to life?
  10. MeadowTheDoe

    Asgore (Undertale) Fursuit Mask

    I should have done this a while back, but I have already gotten this taken care of! Thank you to everyone who was interested. Thread can be locked.