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  1. Armerkat

    Fursuit tail question

    I am thinking of trying my hand at making some pre-made fursuit tails to sell to try and raise money to get a full fursuit or two made. My question is When makers are making tails, would it be easier to have a tail portal that zipped up so you can stuff with either a pillow styled stuffing, or...
  2. Onni-Greywolf

    looking for Suit maker for Dra-Kun

    Edit: Suit maker has been found and I no longer need one from here. Im looking for a maker for a semi-realistic full suit of my Dra-Kun character. Drake A mix of Dragon and Wolf body types, Tail similar in length to a Dragon but slim and fluffy like a Wolf. Dragon like feet and hands with long...
  3. EgyptianEris

    Fursuit makers?

    Hello I'm new to furaffinity. You can call me Eris, Anput, or Levana. I make costumes, so I did all my research, ordered materials and started work. I created a head and it didn't turn out bad for my first attempt at all but it's still certainly not the greatest thing in the world. I have no...
  4. T

    Any Makers here?

    Is there anyone on here who is a maker and has made anything interesting with a Raspberry Pi? I'm stuck and need some ideas, or you can just show off projects! Thanks for viewing.