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  1. Paix

    F anthro X M human for sexual pet play.

    Hello all, im looking for a lovely anthro girl for a long ish term pet play ERp, im not tremendously picky but girls who enjoy butt related stuff such as anal or hot dogging will be in luck, of course there will be other fetish stuff which im happy to discuss. Dog or canine anthros are...
  2. zombiebatpanda

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH ($45 each )

    This is my very first attempt at YCH drawings and I have two Male poses available, custom weapons , clothes and magical abilities may be added as well as a simple background of your choice . Will be colored and have shading to my best ability . I'm in a tight spot financially right now and I...
  3. TaurenLove

    Bear Pride - newest work

    www.furaffinity.net: Bear Pride by Tauren_Love Had a lot of fun drawing this boy - he's going to end up in my apparel store on Esty (hopefully on Amazon Merch too if they accept the design - might be too borderline for Amazon - not sure). I'll update with links of people are keen when those...
  4. noirgladia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Kemonomimi Guy Auction OPEN (SB: $60 / AB: $120))

    www.furaffinity.net: False Sunflower * Summer on the Golden Field by noirgladia The clothing layered gif can be seen on my DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT][OPEN AUCTION] False Sunflower ★ SB: $60 MI: $5 AB: $120 Please bid at this bidding chain for easier to manage: Comment on...
  5. artwithka

    Just my new Fantasy Arts

    OC Rendall Everitt - The Moon King Just Sketch Gift for my friend And ych Commission My FA - Userpage of artwithka -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My DA - ArtwithKA on DeviantArt Welcome )
  6. T

    Free Art: Last Chance - Free Art Raffle -- Winners drawn 1pm EST Today!

    Hi all! Please check this out if you're interested! :) www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle -- Winners drawn on Sunday, 4/14! by takanori www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle -- Winners drawn on Sunday, 4/14! by takanori www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle -- Winners drawn on Sunday, 4/14! by...
  7. Asher Grey

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $10 fullbody YCH(male)

    Hey guys, I've got a male ych up! Will post a link to it, details should be there ^^ www.furaffinity.net: $10 solo YCH by Asherion Feel free to dm/comment here also, if it's easier! Slots: 0/3
  8. U

    Role play absorption/tf

    Looking to do a rp involving the things in the title. If intrested please pm me. If not no troll or shame messages please. Dom male only.
  9. Arokay

    Stolen Nuts

    My newest portfolio piece, looking for more feedback!
  10. mysticsonata

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kaiden the fox needs a home

    Kaiden or kai is a shy fox that's looking for a home! He is $10 dollars and would love to know you I use venmo and Facebook pay facebook.com: MarshmallowBuns Art
  11. Scrydan

    Request: Scrydan avatar request

    Greetings! I've never really done a request thread before, but in the off chance it might update my old avatar perhaps I can give this a go. Alrighty, so I am wanting an avatar done of my dragon. As currently seen in my avatar and also this submission here. I don't mind seeing multiple...
  12. Jiccs

    Request: Would anyone like to draw lineart or a ref of my new species?

    I wanted to make an open species of a cross between a Ferret and a Fox. I'm not that great at art though, especially with dimensions, but I have the idea down. I just need a basic outline of what the race is generally going to look like. I'll list characteristics here: This species is anthro...
  13. Pthumerian

    Hiring: {CLOSED} (NSFW) Artistic Freedom Character Design Commission | Male Shark | $80-120

    Hello! I’m Pthumerian and I’m looking to get a reference sheet made of a character design I have in mind! He’s a very muscular, male, anthro shark. However, I don’t have a ready-made reference sheet for him. Another challenging part of my commission is that I’m looking to give who I do...
  14. seagxll

    character for sale: Xander

    this guys for sale, i dont use him anymore haha. i was thinking 50$ for him and the reference image as well... or best offer. (first time posting in here hopefully i got it all right)(also sorry about the skateboard i rushed it, it can really be any deck you like.) his names Xander hes 21 years...
  15. Mcstuffins

    Commissions Open: McStuffins' 3D Stuff (NSFW/SFW)

    Heya everyone, I've recently opened commissions for my 3D artwork. I can do SFW/NSFW art but I prefer to do NSFW. I can do pinups, hyper, inflation, and a host of other things. I can make a wide variety of species as well. I also have a small but growing library of available YCH...
  16. mixpomdog

    Do you like Shiba Inu puppies?

    Hello!I have a character that is a Shiba Inu!Sadly I only have a written description but once I get a few pieces of art I might change this. His name is Luke.He is male.He is 10 weeks old and has a darker pallet like this babe.And the designs are similar to this babe He has a bit of hair...
  17. U

    Merging/body/muscle growth rp m or f

    Hello :) . looking for someone to do a rp with me that involves muscle and body growth, also merging. If anyone is intrested please pm me.
  18. Jack Steel

    YCH for sale, $5 for one slot $10 for both.

    DISLAIMER: This YCH is considered sexually explicit, adults only please. All the info for the YCH can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Male or Female YCH Open! by jackthewolf6 If interested please contact me through Fur Affinity itself!
  19. w0rks

    Tiles of Furness - Game_preview

    Hi there, I'm working on an adult furry / yiff game "Tiles of Furness" I've started since the beginning of this year. I want to show you a part of the game. estimated 70% Characters / Maps and the whole game will evolve in the future ! !
  20. XseArt

    Halloween YCHs

    NSFW MALE 50$: www.furaffinity.net: Halloween Male YCH by Xseart SFW FEMALE 30$: Art examples: