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  1. fowlee

    First Fursona! :)

    I made my first fursona, his name is Fowlee! :) This is my first time drawing a furry, so if you have any tips on how I could make my furries look more like an actual furries, please let me know! :)
  2. nelody_

    Femboy/Trans Specialist ~ Nelody's YCH's are back open! (NSFW, YCH, ~$20+ SBs)

    Here you can find my ongoing YCH's! (NSFW: nelody - YCH.Commishes ) Here's a link to my FA page: Userpage of nelody -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Note me there on FA if you're interested!~ <3 Some examples (NSFW!!!): www.furaffinity.net: "A Handful and a Mouthful!" ~ for slitzerikai by nelody...
  3. Brandon G.

    Looking for a nsfw and sfw version of my fox sona

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for a clean and nsfw version of my fox sona. I do have a reference picture of him from a previous commission but am looking for a more detailed edition of him. The clean version I'm thinking of would be like looking at an old poloroid photograph. The nsfw...
  4. Dendariiis

    Tom Cat

    This handsome boy is up for auction: SB: 10$ AB: 35$ Crossposted so will keep updated. Bid here please: www.furaffinity.net: Tom Cat by Dendariiis
  5. T

    Want to play with a roman dog? Watch out he has a sword

    If looking for new people to roleplay with, i can do different stuff so just contact me in a conversation or send me your contact details (telegram, discord and such) and ill add you. Full name: Arminus Lucelian Pharsalus Nickname: Pharsalus. Sex/Gender: Male. Sexuality: Bi- slight male...
  6. Kamenriderfire

    Looking for a female RP partner for Medieval RP {NSFW dark themes political intrigue]

    Looking for someone interested in a long-term role-play who enjoys world-building, a good mix of plot and sexual themes. Dark and twisted plot elements and who can commit to at least multiple posts a day either here or through discord. [Starter idea included though this doesn't have to be what...
  7. Noir Gladia

    Deer Centaur Boy Adopt [Set price]

    www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT] Sound of ancient worlds [Set price::OPEN] www.furaffinity.net: Sound of Ancient Worlds by noirgladia His deer half is more like a fawn body but with more muscle at the chest to hold the human half, and his horns are mature elk horns. His horns, tail, and right arm...
  8. U

    Fart rp, m or f

    Hello there, looking for anyone whos into fart rp. Message me if your intrested. Ill pm you later or send me your discord and we can talk there. If your not intrested please dont respond.
  9. Amynta

    Looking for dom RP-Partner (NSFW)

    Good day everyone! First off, this isn't meant for me, but for a friend, who needs help with finding fitting RP-partners. He is looking for long-term RP-partners for kinky roleplays. He is only comfortable with playing as male, sub characters and is looking for either male or female dom...
  10. goldenforehead

    "At the beach" YCH AUCTION

    Just finished this beach themed YCH, go check it out ! ;) SB: 30$ MB: 5$ AB: 130$ --> www.furaffinity.net: "At the beach" YCH AUCTION by goldenforehead <--
  11. U

    Merging/conjoined rp

    Looking to have a rp with someone where were both either forced to merge together or were conjoined and the rp is us trying to get along and worm together. Sexual stuff involved. Message only of intrested please.
  12. Denji

    Want to draw my dragon?

    Since I'll go on vacation tomorrow I won't be able to check into the forums for the free art like I usually do :p So I decided to make this post in case anyone would want to practice drawing dragons or just as a warm-up sketch. Anyone is allowed draw him no matter the skill :D If you have any...
  13. varjopihlaja

    Fantasy adopts 18€

    18€ each, payment via paypal invoice (message me here to reserve) Paypal fee is included in price • You get the fullsized drawing without watermarks and with this background • Gender is up to you and you can alter as you like • You can use the art but not claim it your own/sell it Same post...
  14. 102vvv

    I want to draw your...

    twinks! show me them cute gay boy couples or singles, warning, pics will likely be nsfw my art here: Userpage of 102vvv -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  15. AndyD

    2 YCH auction by AndyD

    Start 30$ min 1$ Bid here pls Awakening of a vampire - YCH.Commishes Awakening of a vampire Get up and fight Bid here pls Get up and fight - YCH.Commishes
  16. g0atmeal

    [CLOSED] Looking to commission two reference sheets for my goat. Budget $40-60 each.

    Hi there! I’m looking for an artist to do two reference sheets. For the first, I just want a revamp of my current ref (linked below) with very few changes. For the second, I will need character design help because it is a completely new character with no references other than a description...
  17. Regal_Tails

    YCH, Right in our Game! (3 days remaining!)

    It's now or never to see your OC immortalized in our wonderful vidya game, Regal Tails! Come see your character set in our fantasy world, even possibly as a side character if the background isn't your thing! Open slots are still available! So come one, come all while they still remain open on...
  18. PaperDawls

    Paper's Art dumpz

    I don't know man, I just do. I guess we'll begin with a Panther. He is a lawyer with a passion for french pastries. His name is Emanuel. He tends to get into fights because of his size and demeanor. People think he is a tough guy. He's a huge goofball. Fiercely loyal. My boy, my baby. A...
  19. Ryukass

    Selling Dragon Character

    Original Journal can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Dragon Character is up for sale! -- Ryukass' Journal So here we go, the character I will put up for sale will be: www.furaffinity.net: Dragon Reference by Ryukass "JUST THE DRAGON" It comes with: *4 Colored icons *2 Lineart drawings...
  20. O

    Looking for Long Term RP partner

    I am looking for people interestered in longer term rp. As I like collaborative RP, setting and such can be discussed so that we can both enjoy it! The RP would be adult, so adults only (and by Adult I mean both mature story themes and NSFW rp), as I am not just looking for NSFW rp. It can be...