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  1. Defektess

    'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!)

    Sb Included: Colored Line + Color + Shading + Simple background + You got both slots (main + extra hand) Male/Herm - Any species (furry\anthro\human) - Can change muzzle and paws SB - 20$ Min - 5$ AB - none You can bid here www.furaffinity.net: 'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!) by Defektess
  2. piyotm

    NSFW Pinups $60

    Commissions open! Lowest price option is solo character pinup, examples: Rare Shiny Tiger (NSFW) Hoodie (NSFW) Teggart the Tiger (NSFW) I specialize in male and futa characters. Here is my full commission sheet if you are interested in other options. email me at piyo.t.m@gmail.com for any...
  3. Drenniethes

    cheap but still done with love ychs >$10

    heyy recently i've posted some ychs but for some reason they remain unnoticed on fa. these start from $10, which i find extremely cheap for this site i hope at least here someone would find this type of content interesting. you can see examples of work on my fa gallery - Artwork Gallery for...
  4. RubieOnyx

    Birthday Arts

    Heyo! So, I'm looking to scour out an artist who has a knack for canines and muscles! I'm wanting to get something done for my boyfriend whose birthday is in April and he has a OC, though, doesn't have much, if any, art for him. I'd love to first start off with a sketch, before wanting to get...
  5. Hxmster

    LF: NSFW Valentine's Day Couple Art! $130 Budget ♥ (Human OCs)

    Hopefully I'm posting the right thread, but as of now, I'm searching for someone to commission for a NSFW V-Day piece for mine and my friend's rp characters! I have a 130$ budget but would prefer something a bit lower in price if possible, it really depends on the art. I'm rather picky about...
  6. C

    Macro Roleplay Destruction Kik Discord

    hi im brian a buff macro doggy Im looking for micros who can roleplay a city for me wich i can attack destroy and do toms of lewd things with it ;) i also toy with micros or hump arround with other macros bit i love destruction a lot hope you wanna join me and we play together ;) Discord...
  7. Agious

    Art Summary

    Enjoy :D Want more? Come here => Userpage of Agious -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. wolvykasu

    auction starting at 5

    I have some auctions that start at a little price www.furaffinity.net: Feline anthro auction - OPEN (set 002) by wolvykasu end 2017-12-31 www.furaffinity.net: Feline anthro auction - OPEN (set 003) by wolvykasu end 2017-12-31 www.furaffinity.net: Feline anthro auction - OPEN (set 004) by...
  9. P

    New Furry Title: Accidental Roommates

    So yeah, I've decided to write a furry themed novel focusing on my characters in my gallery. FA Profile Here's a brief synopsis: Rhys had always enjoyed his job at the Books & Beans coffee shop and bookstore. Always studious and extremely introverted, Rhys kept to himself and enjoyed his books...
  10. Zombie-Echo

    Outfit and Weapon Adopts (open)

    All designs featured below are open and available for purchase, unless otherwise stated. (1) OPEN (2) OPEN (3) OPEN Starting Bid: $12 www.furaffinity.net: Weapons: Adopts 2 (OPEN) Auction by Zombie-Echo
  11. C

    Would anyone be interested making me a dragon sona

    Hi is here anyone who would be interested making me a dragon sona for free? It can be sketch thing with color. Pm me if interested.
  12. Grimm Hund

    Male Dragonborn Barbarian

    Based on Dungeons and Dragons. I have a chromatic black Dragonborn barbarian. He wields a large butcher knife as a weapon, only wearing a loincloth with leather bracers on his wrists. He has two large wings. Those not familiar with D&D, he's basically an anthro dragon with black scales and tan...
  13. Arthraax

    NSFW Commission Idea

    Hey I have a friend on FA and we were planning to get a collab with each other with our characters. Mines being... www.furaffinity.net: Arthraax - Reference Sheet (Anthro Form) by The-Dark-Scaled-Monster There's. www.furaffinity.net: Shanny - By Nazuu-m0nster by Nol The idea of the image...
  14. Otterbird

    Otterbird's Adoptable Character Refs

    Pre-made characters that need a new home! Looking for a new RP character? Want a character for personal story or literature? Consider one of mine, of a new line I'm starting up! I can also manage commissions of pre-existing characters; you need only contact me here, or on Bosheit within Fur...
  15. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw My Wolf Dragon Hybrid OC

    Hi guys, hardly got any money and need to pay for car repairs x.x Anyway I got a new OC I want to give him a better cooler baddass/rough look if anyone wants to have a go at a wolf dragon furry or feral form here he is www.furaffinity.net: Ryuu Old Ref Sheet by ThyBlackReaper If you do draw him...
  16. Rowfy

    Rowf's Commissions (NSFW)

    rowfy.tumblr.com: Commission Info (NSFW) (All commission info, including payment method and process, is included here). Hello. I've recently entered the market for furry artwork and am just beginning to build up a following. It's been going pretty well, and I appreciate everyone who's...
  17. Empurror

    YCH - Flowers!

    NOTES - It will be fully colored with shading. (See gallery HERE or HERE for examples) - Any species/gender/body shape is fine. - No NSFW - Expression can be changed. - Characters with complex designs or additional limbs are +$10 AUCTION RULES - Payment is in USD and paid through Paypal...
  18. Hearthorns

    Looking for RP partner (SFW or NSFW)

    I'm looking someone to RP with long term, or short term. I have a few scenarios always going around my head, but am open to whatever you may have in mind also. My Sona will be the character I use. My sona is a ~6 foot tall anthro, male, Western Dragon, but also has a feral counterpart if you...
  19. Bjorn Potato

    RP anyone?

    My pure goal irl and url is to entertain people on the servers that I go on. I want someone url to help me destress, someone that can talk and can listen, at the same time. I do not care about your gender or your age, but I prefer females and over the age of 18, because stuff might become NSFW...
  20. Bjorn Potato

    Any females interested in some nsfw rp?

    I'm looking for a female partner for some nsfw rp, mostly preferred to be up around 10pm Greenwich. i don't have an exact preference for environments and stuff, but modern is fine. msg me for my discord.