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  1. Sraifer

    Human Female & Fox Male Request (NSFW)

    Hello folks. This is my first post so I apologize if there is anything wrong with it. If there is, please contact me and I will do my very best to correct the error. I am actually open to a couple of options as far as Art Goes, All of which are related to my two OCs. I will link a page to my FA...
  2. Aaron Pictus

    Hello from a Painted Dog ^^

    Hello all you wonderful furs! I'm a 24 year old male fur from South Africa who is new to the forum. Just wanted to drop in and show myself. Ive been a fur for a good number of years now, and proud to be one! hehe I hope to get along well with anyone who is keen to meet me. I love every fur...
  3. Wynst Draws

    Anyone have a male base I could use?

    I'm not sure where is the best place to post this. Does anyone have a male base I could use to get my OC started? Thanks!
  4. whim-sy

    Wolves For Sale

    Click them to be taken to their page. They range from $8-$20.
  5. Aet

    Looking to Draw NSFW (Still Open)

    I want to practice nsfw work with two characters. So, I need people to throw both male and female characters at me so I can draw them with my red panda girl in nsfw scenes. Mainly I will draw any character or characters I feel go well with her. Male or female. Examples of my art
  6. reyfox

    YCH Commissions (M) (F, light bondage)

    Hello folks! I've lately been pondering the idea of YCH commissions as a nice way to motivate me to finish artwork while giving someone what they want. So I'm dipping a toe into those waters with a pair of YCHs. www.furaffinity.net: YCH Commission: After Work by reyfox...
  7. Biological-Solutions

    Clothing Designs/Adopts FOR SALE (OPEN)

    Clothing adopts for sale. PRICE $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 360 (OPEN) by Biological-Solutions PRICE: $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 359 (OPEN) Auction by Biological-Solutions ON SALE- PRICE: $12 USD 353 CLOSED 354 CLOSED www.furaffinity.net...
  8. Sombry

    $7 Pride Flag YCH - OPEN

    I got excited early about Pride month. I'll be taking 5 slots of this! Flatsale of $7 USD It will be a flatcolor of your character (with cleaner lineart) with your flag of choice, and I will edit the lines for your character. 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN 4. OPEN 5. OPEN Examples of how the style it...
  9. Led The bunny

    Bunny Looking for RP Partners~! (NSFW)

    Hello there~! My name is Led and a gay bunny boy! I'm looking for people who are interested in some casual, fun Role play~! I don't mind setting up story or making something long term. I don't mind one offs, and I would prefer if you are Semi-literate, I will match the style of RP you present my...
  10. Snipernoah11

    Digimon/video game charecter Vore rp?

    I'm looking for a person who is into vote that can be pred or prey and wants to do a Digimon RP it a video game charecter RP like star Fox or Sly Cooper or something. I don't mine gender and I'm usually a pred myself but I do only use Skype and Discord to RP do send me a message if you are...
  11. theodrekr

    $35 Detailed Adoptables [NSFW]

    Adopt-A-Junk These are NSFW adoptables with a close up. They are $35 ea: NSFW www.furaffinity.net: Adopt A Junk by theodrekr Your choice of feral or anthro [or both for an extra $15]
  12. Sombry

    $20 NSFW YCH - Open

    www.furaffinity.net: Good Boy YCH - Open by babybrass (NSFW) Open YCH for $20 USD (via PayPal)! If bought, your character will be drawn in where the sketch is. The sketch is editable for feline characters as well. For $5 USD extra, you can also buy the dom character- but this is only available...
  13. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's Art

    Thought I'd start posting here again!! Just a few drawings from the last week c: Will update as I draw more This one has sound and is a SWF file so I can't bring it over here. and this most recent one isn't NSFW but it is suggestive so??
  14. EdgarKingmaker

    YCH AUCTION! The Garden of the King

    In this image, we feature slots for up to three characters, all won with a singular bid! Two ladies hanging onto one buff, bare-chested man in a garden, soaking at the edge of a nice warm spa. This is open to anthropomorphic creatures of all species! However, the nudity of the auction makes...
  15. EdgarKingmaker

    [YCH] A Pair of NSFW Tentacular Auctions

    Like a summoning ritual gone wrong, the first of the two YCH auctions is featured primarily for female-framed bipedal anthro figures, (which includes most of us.) Starting bid at $15 USD, this one gives a view of some prime real-estate. Plus, the auto-buy figure at just $60 comes complete with...
  16. EightySix

    20$ Commissions - Full Color, BG

    Commissions are now open! Single Character, Full Color, Full BG! Male, Female, Lines, Vector, Bust, Full Body, Human, Anthro, Action, Still, Clean, Pinup, Nekkid, - ANYTHING YOU WANT! Check the Journal for more info; 20$ Commissions - Full Color -- EightySix's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  17. Kenyatta

    Designing a Panther

    This is my boy Barrow! He's set in a sci-fi western area, kinda like in Firefly. I've yet to establish his backstory, and am having trouble thinking of his color palette. c: Oh! And big kudos and maybe a free drawing to whoever can guess where his design is inspired from c:
  18. AD3496

    Characters for Sale

    Selling Darcy the wild adventuring Jerboa! She originates from Egypt but she loves exploring all of the world, going on adventures and seeing the world for what it is. The big beautiful globe. She often wears a white cotton t-shirt with a pyramid on it, with the word home scrawled underneath...
  19. LinnyChanPL

    OC! Need advice and tips!

    Hello again! So few people from there know my Fursona - Linnie. The white fem wolf. But I'm also creating a new OC. I always loved characters which were mysterious or just crazy. Totally insane even. That's why I had an idea for insane OC. For now his nickname is CHESHIRE (in caps) because I...
  20. SnowVampire

    Great art at Affordable Prices,My Commissions are Open!

    Hello If your interested please fill my form that is below the paragraph Price may change based on complexity I accept PayPal My email is snowvampire@outlook.com or note me on FA or DA (all the same user name snowvampire) FORM: Ref: What type of commission: Outfit ( if any ): NSFW or SFW...