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  1. Kouji

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Fully Shaded Headshot Icons! [OPEN]

    ★Icon Commissions★ ☆ Prices ☆ Single Character - $35 Couples/Pairs - $60 Examples: ☆ Will Draw ☆ - Light Gore - Any Species, including Human - Headshots only, BUT - Will draw props and/or hands - NSFW/Kinky - Ask if you aren't sure! ☆ Will Not Draw ☆ - Anything below the neck/shoulders...
  2. PC Master Race

    My sona, Tonik

    Feedbacks are appreciated. Name : Jin Race : chimera (mammoth-minotaur, with 9 snake tails) Gender : male Body build : extremely bulky and heavy, 670cm / 22' (not counting his hunched back or horns) ; 3,025 kg / 6,670 lbs Notable features : golden-yellow horns, tusks and hooves), with a faint...
  3. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: I'll help you create your fursona for $25! (or draw an existing one!)

    I'm confident drawing any species (hybrids too! Just ask), they could be feral or anthro, too. For a base of 25$ I'll make a full body, flat colored drawing of your character. If you need something in particular, let me know and we'll talk about it, no compromise! In the process, I always go...
  4. ownerofalonelyheart

    Need artist who can draw speed boats (30$)

    I know what you guys are thinking-you're barking up the wrong tree here! Thing is I have original species OC's and I find some furry artists (you are all so talented ty!!) can pin them down and some can't-anyone with experience drawing vehicles tends to nail it though-I like animal traits and...
  5. S

    Feral/Anthro Busts and Full bodies - Starting $10

    Hello ! I am still relatively new on FA and focus mainly on feral and anthro art ! Terms Do not claim art as your own or repost to other websites without my permission first. Do not crop or edit out my signature. Do not edit the art. I have the right to deny any commission. Every commission...