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  1. PC Master Race

    Cosmos in Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel ?

    Original counterpart : https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cosmos-the-restorer.1671283/ NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : demonic beast (unofficial ; same rank as imps and hell hounds) ORIGIN : hell-born RELATIVES : Sol (adopted younger brother) / Galaxy and Neio (adopted kids) NICKNAMES : Bro (by...
  2. PC Master Race

    Cosmos the restorer

    Basically I'm making a new thread with things cleaned-up and not an absolute mess. All the details are in spoilers so the page won't be cramped with texts, and all arts of him (including new ones) are in this first post. NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : mammoth-minotaur BODY BUILD : 8' Check out my...