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  1. ZeldinDraws

    [For Hire] Commissions ranging from 5$-10$

    The deal!!! (Because I really wanted to be commissioned) 5$ for one full body character and 10$ for two full body characters. (copy and pasted from my profile so that the post isn't so empty) Hey guys Zeldin here, I'm not a furry myself but many of my friends are and I've drawn many...
  2. MsDoeEyed

    Anime/furry artist open for commissions

    Hello I am currently looking for work/commissions if any of you are interested, I have more examples of my art at loodicrous.deviantart.com or furaffinity.net/user/msdoeeyed I'm loodi (or loo) I am a girl from the UK and I have been drawing for around 8 years. I love to draw cute girls and ofc...
  3. tfotr

    Commissions are Open!

    Currently open for commissions as I would like to build more clientele here. Monochrome Sketch Bust: $20 Waistup: $30 Fullbody: $60 Softshade Chibi: $50 Bust: $50 Waistup: $80 Fullbody: $150 Illustration $250 Reference Sheet $150 (will be shaded) Price is...
  4. TrishaCat

    Furry manga "The Knight of Flower: Dakini" Kickstarter for translation just launched

    The award winning mangaka Sho Shibamoto (Pandemonium: Wizard Village, Tsunousagi) just launched a Kickstarter to have his newest web manga "The Knight of Flower: Dakini" translated into English! This will be the first manga of his since Pandemonium to be translated into English if successful...
  5. Reiner55

    Commissions Open - Reiner55 - 5 slots

    Hi guys, ive been unable to come here as often as i would like or to draw furry stuff as much as i would like but i was caught with other type or commissions and works - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - My terms of service...
  6. Izaachan

    Hello All I'm new

    I just wanted to say hello. I'm pretty new to this site. Can't wait to post some of my artwork. I usually post on Deviant art but I decided hey I can post here too. I mostly draw Anime/Manga style human types of work. I have drawn some characters with like animal like features such as ears or a...
  7. DravenDonovan

    7 Character Xmas Group Art

    *Closed* Price Range: $100-$600 Artist Style/Ability: Looking for someone who draws in an Anime/Manga style, who is capable of drawing; Humans, Anthros (Fox/Dragon), Kemonomimis (Humans with animal ears/tails), Armor, and maybe even weapons. Needs to also be good with backgrounds, which will...
  8. Reserved_Krolik

    Hey, I put some manga on eBay...

    If this isn't an appropriate place for this, please let me know! 15 Random Volumes of Manga, Full list on the page: 15 Manga, All Very Good Condition, English Language | eBay Volumes 1-6 of Fake: Fake by Sanami Matoh, Volumes 1-6 | eBay
  9. DLewis28

    What are the best place to self publish web comics for free?

    I like to self publish my comics online, but I don't know where to start.
  10. Reserved_Krolik

    Selling my old manga...

    Update: I'm afraid I can only ship within the United States. Sorry! Here's the complete list of manga I'm selling I'm asking for a $1 each, as they're almost all in very good condition... Plus shipping costs, which I'll calculate. If they don't sell in two weeks, I'm likely gonna throw them or...
  11. zombietoes


    Any gender, species, etc~ NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: NSFW AUCTION by Zombietoes SFW: www.furaffinity.net: SAILOR SCOUT COLLAB YCH by Zombietoes
  12. ewemoji

    Moji SALE!

    I'm having a SALE! Single character, Full Color, Fully done background of your preference All this for $30! Good deal, ye? I will do SFW and NSFW • I take payment via Paypal and I accept USD and CAD I can do furry, human, or robot Traditional or Digital art work. You choose. If traditional, I...
  13. xXJiekkunXx

    Jiekkun's Commission Shop

    ! ITS TIME TO OPEN SHOP ! Sketches -bust $6 -wast $8 -full $12 Lineart -bust $ 15 -wast &20 -full $25 Greyscale -bust $25 -wast $30 -full $40 Color -bust $40 -wast $50 -full $60 !!ASK ABOUT CHARACTER REF SHEETS!! * simple BG's are free * Additional Characters can be added for half...
  14. AdelynBlair


    So I realized I probably shouldn't have posted this so please disregard this. I don't know how to remove the thread.
  15. CreativeChibiGraphics

    Furry,MLP,human anthro art commissions open!

    I'm now open for commissions :) Please comment below if you'd like a slot, commissions will start tomorrow but for today I'm just taking orders I only accept payment first so no holds for a long period of time. This is my price sheet here in full sta.sh: Price sheet 2017 The picture of my price...
  16. F

    SFW & NSFW Furry and Human Character Art

    Hi there! ForeignSin here! I'm offering furry, anime, and western comic styled commissions. You can read more specifics on my Commission Info page. I'll put all the basics down below though too, but still feel free to ask me any questions you might have. What I Offer: Busts, Half-bodies, &...
  17. S


    Hi buddies! I'm saving to buy a pin maker machine! I want to make some pins for the next convetion on my city so if you can help me I'll be so glad! I'll open 10 slots for this! and just for 25 euros! [27$] This is an example! http://fav.me/d9sg8cn Send me an email if you're interested...
  18. OpticFurry

    hay guys ^#^}/ I'm new and I draw nsfw

    lol ...um hay soo first time on the thread .. my name is Opticfurry.. lol but you can just call me optic um Yea so if you wanna check me out and be friends i'd love to chat and share artwork also if you want to know abit about me just ask . - 20Yrs old -Anime fan/artist Hentai fan/artist...
  19. K

    New Furry Porn Manga!

    Hello everyone! I'm posting on here to kind of *promote* my new furry porn manga! Now the reason why it's on here is because depending on it's popularity I will continue it. So if anyone would look at it, do you like it so far? :) www.furaffinity.net: Neighborly Intrusion Page 1 by Kimew (It...
  20. K

    Most anything Commissions avaliable!

    Hi there everyone! I am a professional Mangaka here putting out my commission prices! I am fairly new to the site/community but I have been drawing for the majority of my life and have quite a bit of experience. In a sense I can draw just about anything, however if it's completely new to me it...