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martial arts

  1. S

    Martial Art Furs

    Heya everyone out there, just a little forum for the furs who train, teach, or love martial arts to get together and talk! I understand that martial arts isn't the most "popular" sport and I'm wonder who else out there loves the discipline! Martial arts can be many different things. It could be...
  2. TheCynicalViet

    Need Advice For A Furry Action Comic

    All of this is work in progress. Feel free to tell me what you think of the premise, of the art and the cover, and my writing style. I'm open to all kinds of advice cause I really want to make this comic work. "In the middle of the Gobi Desert in Eastern China, a tournament is held where...
  3. TheCynicalViet

    King of the Wild - Let's Shoot Some Ideas!

    EDIT: Comic is on permanent hiatus.
  4. ChapterAquila92

    Godzilla, (Technically) A Judo Black Belt

    Video courtesy of Karl Smallwood.
  5. J

    Martial artists? selfdefense people?

    Just curious if there was anyone out there who had interest in this,or practiced at all.& if you did what styles have you practiced and which ones would you like to learn? I myself have only attended one session at a tang soo do gym,but have been on my own on and off practicing self defense for...