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  1. ThatSewist

    Greetings from a corporate mascot creator!

    Hello everyone! It's nice to meet the virtual furry community finally!:) I've never been involved in anything like Furaffinity, so my apologizes ahead of time if I'm not up to date on anything furry related. I really would like to get to know the community better:) In the past, I have worked...
  2. Water Draco

    How many find there interest in the anthropomorphic fandom through sports mascots

    I wonder how many people find there interest in the anthropomorphic fandom through there love of the designs and characters of there favorite sports mascots. The styling of these mascots do seem to be getting ever more like those of the furry fandom.
  3. NekoPawMoon95

    Your opinions on those furry mascot characters...

    I'm not sure if this topic legitimate to post here, but for moderators feel free to move this to somewhere else. I wanted to see if the furry fandom have any interest in these characters. I'm considering getting at least a plush from the theme park. Even through I'm not currently living in...