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  1. Lyka Snowfiled

    Artist for SFW wolf x raptor commission wanted!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an artist who could do a decent veloceraptor x wolf (mast/pet) commission painting. Depending on the price it might be a headshot, bust or half-body with or without background. Budget lays somewehere between 20-40$ Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  2. Nostradamus Darkfury

    Looking to test my strength... fight me ;)

    My name is Nostradamus. Nostradamus Darkfury. I am stronger than anyone whose ever lived and died and today I’d like to test my strength against you mortals. Strengths: Blessings of 1000 demons, massive claws, devastating teeth, control over the magic of our Lands, expert potion maker, caller...
  3. MommaSnek

    Master/Pet RP

    Hello my lovelies, So I have really been wanting to do a Master/pet rp for a while now, it can be SFW or NSFW but it has to have a heavy story either way. I would love something fantasy/medieval themed. Im looking to play the pet, as a feral creature that can talk and such. Master can be anthro...
  4. PancakeAnt

    Ant Boy Seeking Master! (OOC/RP/FEET)

    Hello! My name is Pancake, I'm an anthropomorphic ant boy who has a somewhat... strange addiction to feet. If you're wondering at all what I'm about, feel free to check out my f-list or FA listed on my profile. I'm here to try and find a Master, someone who wishes to own me as their 'foot...
  5. F

    Yiffy "Master"

    Looking for people 18+ that interested in a basic slave/master thing via skype (kittlezkippy@gmail.com = Skype. Type that in a search and you'll find a guy named "Flex," with a little manned wolf display pic.) Don't mind absolutely anything, aside from age play. I am looking for dominant, master...