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  1. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Looking for a long term mate

    Greetings and salutations, it is only been a couple of days and I'm really enjoying my time here in furaffinity forum, but anyway I'm hoping that I can I can find a mate here. I know that a lot of people have lives outside of role play so I would like to try to find someone that is willing to...
  2. CelestialTear

    Free Art When Shipping!

    [Closed!] Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a bit more notice to another post I had. I'm getting down to the wire and I really wish to ship my chara with someone else. We can ship them as a couple or they could be my sona's pet. I have some art ordered right now but I still havent found someone...
  3. CelestialTear

    ISO: Pet or Mate for Citi!

    [Closed!] Hello everyone! I'm so excited to say that Citi is ready to find a counterpart. Whether it is as a pet or a mate! He is hoping to find someone he can enjoy time with and have the company of. What I am looking for; - I am looking for someone who wants to form a friendship out of...
  4. 2oodles

    Looking for a mate

    Hi there, I'm a mortician. I don't really get a lot of people interested in me because of my profession. They think I'm some weird crypt keeper. Just looking for someone to have fun with and take my mind off of death.
  5. Orana

    Discord furries? (ONLY 18 and older!)

    I’ve got a Discord group for anyone into the kinky stuff, but we’re lacking furry people! I’m doing my best, but my furry friends list goes only so far and we’d love to meet more frisky folks and start up new friendships and maybe find new playful mates! Please follow this link: Discord - Free...
  6. CelestialTear

    Looking for a mate and family for Xaviel!

    Hey everyone! I finally got my beautiful ref sheet for my new character, Xaviel! I was hoping to get a mate for him so I can get couple art and write stories or do rps with him! He loves raves and he's more of the emo/punk style but he's rather kind and protective! I would also love to do a...
  7. T

    Looking for Roommates for MFF 2018!

    Yea I know, asking about it right before the 2017 show, ahaha.... I'm in need of splitting hotel costs at Midwest Furfest next year! I'm going to try selling there for the first time, and the hotel costs are a little pricey. It's going to be my mother an I, and I'd prefer other girls in the...
  8. Samantha Meade

    Serious Question

    Hey everyone, my name is Fox and I try to stay pretty active in the community. I say that to mean I make a lot of art and meet a lot of furs online. See, I can't really get a fursuit or go to cons for a few reason the top ones being; 1. It's expensive 2. I live somewhere where cons are quite a...