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  1. Ravofox

    Relatively cheap sources of 'fur'?

    Hey fluffbutts! I've been entertaining the possibility of making a fursuit head of my character lately, but I'm not really sure where best to look for a relatively cheap material that I can somewhat decently use for fur. I know that the most decent things like faux fur are typically pricy, so...
  2. Sammy_the_Husky

    Frame material for new suit

    Hey there! I've been thinking about creating a piñata suit made in the same style as a traditional piñata. The big part of this is going to be the underlying structure of the suit. I would like to make the frame out of a plastic tubing or rod but I need to find something light and flexible...
  3. Covet-Kun

    Best material for 2D eyes?

    Heya, I'm trying to make flat 2D eyes and I don't know what material to make them out of. I need a material that I can be able to see somewhat clearly through. After a few videos online I decided that I wanted to use buckram, but when I shop online I find labels on store pages labeled "light...
  4. Natalie D.

    Can felt be used for a suit head, if not what can?

    I am not a maker, but I'm planning on making a dragon partial for myself. Since it won't be a furred dragon, I'm wondering if felt would work on the head? If not is there any kind of extremely short fur I could use for it? If possible it would nice if it was on the cheaper side, as I am a minor...