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  1. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: May Charity Adopts [1/3 OPEN] SB: $20

    Adoptable #3 is still open to offers. Minimum Offer: $20: Bought as is (full species perms, for commercial use, + png. File) A Tier: $30: I'll colour the sketch with digital flats, you choose the palette (you get to keep the psd. file. (Bucket-fill friendly, each colour on it's own layer)) 1...
  2. Vermilion


    Everything in my etsy shop if now 50% for a limited time. Here's the code!! www.etsy.com: Making dreams into reality by PanShop It includes a la carte item, deal packages, and media arts!
  3. Katriel

    April Showers Bring May Watercolors

    Hello folks, now that I have some lovely supplies and examples of my work completed with them, I'd like to open up a few commission slots for May! I work with Inktense pencils, watercolor pencils, and black ink pen, varying. Let me know your style preferences. What am I offering currently...