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  1. Kai the Ferret Boi

    Heya :D

    Hello all. Names Kai. Been on FA since like 2012 but completely forgot their was a forum. They dont really advertise it on the site. Lol. Anyways, I am big into Gaming, Reading, anything with a story to tell and a universe to get lost into. I also love cooking and chilling. I am willing to try...
  2. JustAlex1997

    Death of Social Media?

    Yesterday, yet another "___IsOverParty" hashtag was trending on Twitter. Clicking on it (which I don't recommend doing) really hammered home how drunk with power these people are. With all of the smiling emojis and talk of hunting the person (and their followers) down wherever they go to report...
  3. Rap Daniel

    Become CimemaSins

    Basically sin anything from any kind of video media. Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins short. Scene: Slippy puts a visor on Falco, who is struggling at a flight simulator. From his point of view, the visor shows enemy targets on the simulator screen and he quickly wins the game. Sin: You're...
  4. Open_Mind

    Positive articles and commentary

    Recent article in Huck magazine www.huckmagazine.com: Spotlighting the forgotten women of the furry community With thanks to @JoeStrike
  5. Snowsnow11

    Some of my artwork -Snowsnow11- (HQ traditional art)

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you some of my recent artwork I did for sommissioners and as personal stuff! I work with traditional media, with watercolors mostly but also acrylics and colored pencils. I love sketching and making full shaded pencil drawings too! Oh, I almost forgot, I'm...
  6. JoeStrike

    Fursuiters needed for “Furry Nation” photo shoot

    Hi, I’m the greymuzzle author of Furry Nation, a history of the fandom that was published last month – (see http://www.furrynation.com , dogpatch.press: Furry Nation: The True Story of America’s Most Misunderstood Subculture, by Joe Strike – review by Fred Patten. and ) Huck ( Huck Magazine –...
  7. JoeStrike

    Well, at least they mentioned the book

    - and they ran that very cool Dragonscales photo portrait of Komos...but of course they couldn't run an article about Furry without dropping the "F"-bomb several times (along with a big "weird:" ) http://nypost.com/2017/10/14/inside-the-weird-world-of-the-furry-fetish/ Who knows, maybe it will...
  8. JoeStrike

    You try to say something positive to the media about Furry...

    Furry Nation, my book about the fandom's history was published last week. ( www.furrynation.com ) The publisher's publicist arranged an interview with the NY Post to promote the book. I made sure to downplay the "kink" angle the media like to focus on, repeatedly told him Furry was primarily...
  9. Water Draco

    Furry, mascot, not or other (bit of fun)

    I have done a search and could not find a forum thread on this on so hopefully not repeating this. Also although TV related I kind of thought this is the place to post it in the forum, hopefully. Anyway this is a bit of fun looking at characters portrayed in popular media by actors. Here we go...
  10. -Praydeth-

    Why most does ____ misconception exist? (Ask a non fur questions).

    We all know there are misconceptions about the fandom but sometimes you guys think it's entirely the media's fault, a single csi episode or a part of the community you practically have to be in the community or hate furries with a passion. So ask away Some questions i will only privately...
  11. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    There a community IM?

    I know SoFurry has a Minecraft server I guess... but does FurAF have anything like a Discord or somewhere for a more efficient group chat/chatroom type thing? :) I'd like to know!
  12. Angellothefox

    Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet?

    Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet? I am just asking apart from well you know FA DA Weasyle Inkabunny and other art shearing websites because we all know they are going to be babyfurs and diaperfurs there. It is just I remember one of the...
  13. M

    What is your favorite furry music/music video?

    My favorite is currently, but i also like thatdancingdog. I pretty much like most furry related videos :)