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  1. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube

    Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: Anyway...
  2. GrayMech

    medieval group RP [Discord]

    want to start a group RP on discord set in medieval times where i'm a sub bottom that gets used in the middle of a tavern by the patrons. few limits so try me inbox me for an invite looking for tops of all kinds but have a soft spot for fat, chunky and muscle guys no long story or anything...
  3. CardielYFiccion

    Far From A Kingdom - New Webcomic

    Hi everyone! I´m glad to share with you my new webcomic "Far From A Kingdom", a story about a young fox who wants to become a knight, it´s a medieval type story of friendship and adventure. www.theduckwebcomics.com: Far From A Kingdom on The Duck : Page Duties, part 4
  4. Kamenriderfire

    Looking for a female RP partner for Medieval RP {NSFW dark themes political intrigue]

    Looking for someone interested in a long-term role-play who enjoys world-building, a good mix of plot and sexual themes. Dark and twisted plot elements and who can commit to at least multiple posts a day either here or through discord. [Starter idea included though this doesn't have to be what...
  5. F

    Male character seeks strong Female Character for long term romantic RP 18+

    I do not care what sex/gender/etc you happen to be, only that you can competently play an aggressive strong female. Romance and falling in love are going to be part of the RP. Conflict in their situation that would push them apart. Bravery, Kissing, Hugging, massages, and all the more intimate...
  6. semater

    Requesting critique; Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War

    Name of work in Progress: Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Link: www.thefurryforum.com: The Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Summary of Work: A young prince finds his world thrown into chaos when a demonic invasion led by his elder brother ravages the kingdom. Prince Robert must gather the...
  7. Orana

    Is this you? (18+ only, please)

    I've been looking for quite some time for someone to roleplay with who's detailed, descriptive, and passionate about their character and the story we would write together, post by post. I'm a bit of a reluctant romantic; I'm mushy-gushy, but I don't like to be. I'm a Dominant, and I like to...
  8. Alaricat

    Looking to buy simple ref (budget: $50)

    I just got a character that I've fallen in love with named Maerwynn. She is a Borzoi Maned wolf mix in a Medieval time frame. Put simple she is the daughter of the queen and a commoner. Obviously king isn't too thrilled about her so she is sent to train as a warrior to die at a young age. After...
  9. Reanna.Weekley

    Twitch Streaming & Doing Medieval Stuff [STREAM RATED M-A]

    twitch.tv/knightofleaves Want to learn something about drawing/painting? Want to hang with a bunch of art loving weirdos? Want to just hang? Come by and get a commission, or have a good conversation. No need to participate if you're shy, just watch. Tonight finishing up a page of Knight of...
  10. scet

    new medieval nationstate type furry game

    I'm working on a new version of the game of furry nations. would love to see more player come and join in, plenty of space to build your empires. but first come first serve when it come to the super power status furrystate.freeforums.net: Home | Furrystate
  11. RadioCatastrophe

    [CLOSED] Semi-Realistic Bust Portrait(s); Human Character - $100 +/-

    Hello Artists, I'm looking for suggestions, or artists who are interested in doing 1 or more semi-realistic, but nothing too Cartoonish/Anime, bust portrait(s) for myself and possibly my group of friends. The portraits will be used and hosted on our community website to be used as...
  12. Yaruzaru

    Rules of nature

    Feral RP. Humans dislike the creatures of the forest for the most part and want to expand by destroying the forest. Play as an animal living in the forest. Act like a pokemon basically but with animal sounds to communicate unless you're a human living in the city or village. There are...
  13. Fireballi441

    Roleplay? Friends?