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  1. Wheeze

    Any Knoxville/East TN furries?

    heya!! i'm gonna be straight up, i'm very lonely and don't have any local friends u_u;; i live in knoxville, tn, currently and id love to meet some cool people around my area! just a heads-up i'm 24 years old so i'm not super looking for friends who are under like...20? i guess? not...
  2. K

    Any west Michigan furs looking to meet up?

    I’m a fursuiter and all of my furry friends are thousands of miles away. I was wondering if there were any furs near the Grand Rapids area that would like to meet up? Preferably 16- but I’d like to meet any kind of furry I can! :3
  3. A

    Az Community?

    New to the scene and was wondering if there was anyone nearby. Haven't seen much activity from AZ, odd since we have three cons. Anyways just shout out if you're here. c:
  4. A

    Meet Local Furries

    At the suggestion of a fellow forum user, I have decided to create a thread that I hope will see success. If you are interested in meeting local furries, please fill out the following while keeping any additional details to private messages. See a comment, send a message, and see where things...
  5. ReeseCapeesh

    I'd like to make some fur friends! ^^

    I want to make some friends so.... online is okay, if it's all that I've got, but it'd be super cool if some of you are local. ;w; I live in Sugar land, TX (greater Houston area) if anyone lives close by. I am an anime fan before a furry, and an artist before everything. :D I love music, its...
  6. Elliot Manowar

    Teen furry Group for VA peeps

    I want to start a teen furry group in VA. Anyone who wants to join just has to comment or dm me.
  7. Mariah

    Any San Bernardino, CA furs?

    Me and my boyfriend joined the fandom just a few months ago and we're looking to make some friends in our area and maybe even have meets and outings. We're a pretty chill couple, we like video games, gothic aesthetics, animals (obviously lol), rock/metal/industrial music, and being goofy. I'm an...
  8. Y

    Hello There World!!! :)

    Hey there! I'm new...actually I'm Yoka but new works too :p Just went to BLFC 2016 and got introduced to furries for real, I had only met a handful of them before. It was definitely a blast, a super-high energy-staying up for days on end-crazy-insane-blast but a blast none the less :p I got...
  9. CoopertheArcticFox

    Los Angeles Meet ups???

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone in the Los angeles area are having any meets any time soon. If u do , please tell me and if u do know and if ur hosting, Can I go? :3