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  1. PiperSpeedwell

    Hiring ($25-$65) - Looking For A Con Badge - Must Be Done Before Megaplex 2021 (FILLED)

    Hi. As the titles says, I'm looking for a con badge to be drawn and in my paws before Megaplex in early August. I'm hoping I didn't wait too long for this and that a month will be enough time. Would want something in color. I have a couple of art pieces already for you to reference. Only change...
  2. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Megaplex Friends!

    Is anybody going to megaplex this year? Im going and its my first con so no friends to go with. Is anyone going? If you are leave a picture of your suit so we can hopefully meet! Thanks!
  3. Pyruus

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    I'm planning on going to Megaplex this year. There's just one problem... I don't know anyone at all down in Florida, and I've been told that furry conventions are always better with friends. Also, this will be my first furry convention, so I'm really nervous I won't have a good time. Who else is...
  4. S

    In search of Megaplex 2016 rooms

    Hey there this is just a shot in the dark here. But me and my mate made a very last minuet to attend Megaplex this year (2016) and we want to stay in the main hotel. We are just curious if anyone has extra space that needs filling. itd be cool to chat with ya bit before and kinda get to know...
  5. HoneyHusk

    Anyone going to Megaplex?

    Who will I see there? :v