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  1. Monako

    Please Look at my Animation Meme

    Hey so, it's kind of hard to share this piece of work I made, it's an animation meme for my OC Niji Would someone please check it out? x3
  2. Rap Daniel


    Me? Because I don't have fur.
  3. Jojer

    Draw your sona with your favorite plushie Meme

    This is something I've been wanting to post for like a week! I haven't made my drawing yet but I plan on making it soon. What are you supposed to do? Draw your fursona with your most sentimental plushie. Mine is from my childhood that I still sleep with. You can get creative with it too. You...
  4. I

    Furry Meme Thread

    This salty derg is calling all forum users to gather as many furry themed memes you can and post them here in this sacred archive. Only one rule however. They must be SFW. There are children present!
  5. PandashK

    show me your old and today's art!

    well its been literally ages since i last logged here and wow found some really old crappy art of mine that gives me cringes may 2016 like dude, what is this 2018 tbh i feel really proud of the improvement in 2 years after real hard work, studies and practice. show me your progress!
  6. pediachnid

    turning the fricking frogs gay!

    heres a little game, find a furry image that corrisponds with these conspiricy theories: gay frogs lizard people ruling the earth bug people invadeing the earth vaccines (bacteria furs or virus furs) and anything else you know of
  7. 2DFIEND

    let's make an oc!! [meme]

  8. J

    If there was a button you could press to make all buttons everywhere turn into that buttonwould you?

    If there was a yuge red button sitting right in front of your face and it said "press me and all buttons everywhere will turn into this one" would you press it?
  9. wolvykasu

    Funniest burb win!

    like the title said, the most funniest bird win! rules are simple : - post an image, gif, video or meme with a bird - the more likes you get, the more wins you have ! I'll start :
  10. Danskebarn

    IB Students Unite!

    Where dem IB students at? Come here and let's talk about IB stuff :D If you're an IB graduate, you're fee to come here too
  11. K

    Anybody remember this type of stuff?

    The super chibi stuff of YouTube from our lord and saviors Kiya Lina, Bani The Kitty, Kay2036, etc. When Warrior Cats wasn't about emo pop music. YTPs, aka when memes were actually funny.
  12. K

    Your Music Playlists

    Fav - YouTube MUSIC - YouTube These are my 2 music playlists.
  13. AlmondMage

    Almond's Animation Commissions (Open)

    EXAMPLES: Further examples can be found on my Youtube channel PRICES: $50 - $150 Prices will vary based on complexity of the animation, character design, etc. TERMS OF SERVICE: I'm currently only doing one commission at a time. More slots will open later. Slots: 1 - Open
  14. bhutrflai

    Make me laugh...

    So, I found this meme & I think most of you will appreciate it. I think it describes me perfectly!! (And probably how this thread will go...) So, let's start a funny meme war! And I do mean funny!! Not disrespectful, not shitposting. Just some good old fashioned humor!!
  15. V

    Very Hairy Larry presents...

    I put more effort into this than I should have, but here it is. Very Hairy Larry presents.....whatever the fuck you wanna call this. (why did I do this? xD)
  16. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Music memes on YouTube.

    And they don't stop coming. And they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming. Do you guys have any music memes you suggest from YouTube or anywhere else? Post it/them here. I would love to see them!! =D