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  1. Sodasats20

    Change my mind

  2. Nexo

    Why Is There So Much Pokémon Porn [Rule 34]?

    In the service of science, I have just taken a closer look at the current numbers on Rule 34. Here is an overview: Pokémon - 303009 Pokémon (species) - 116073 Pikachu - 10219 Zebstrica - 1052 Hypno - 2555 Lucario - 15453 Ash - 1050 Dawn - 5401 Misty - 6907 May - 6782 Bea - 2487...
  3. N

    The Musky Marten

    Hi, Just started a new kik group, there'll be very few rules. Just be above 18. We are fine with RP, ERP and Yiff Sharing, Memes, whatever. We're just trying to start an active group, that we can share ideas with and chat with. Maybe you feel like sharing and I promise we will listen :)...
  4. Rap Daniel

    Original memes

    Post your own, original meme! imgflip.com: Disappointed Black Guy
  5. Rap Daniel

    Picture-less Memes

    any villain: *exists* me in my TX-130 using Barrage: I hereby sentence you to death. my mom: Why are you digging through your Lego box? me: Gotta be the last piece I need in there somewhere.
  6. C

    Crying cat share thread

    Sharing is caring, let's share some of our Crying cat memes and edits
  7. Guifrog

    FAF Highlights

    Memes, trends, public RPs, quotes, games, threads! Share your stories about remarkable moments in the forums that made this place shine :3 I have quite a bunch of memories, it's hard to pick one to introduce the thread... but I think this one is enough a unanimity: I mean. How many...
  8. C

    Memes from your country/region

    Some countries have some pretty funny and unique memes, post some from where you're from and let's have fun together. For example a couple of months ago there was this Russian meme where they posted stupid lifehacks and then said "And how do you like this Elon Musk?" Here’s an example...
  9. Doodle Bunny

    Wholesome Memes Please

    Work was miserable today. Can I have some wholesome memes? I just need something to smile at.
  10. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    World of Warships is Fair and Balanced

  11. mareenaicefin

    Nicolas Cage - Genius or Madman?

    Watching this youtube video got me thinking: What is your opinion on Nic Cage? Honestly I am going with genius. I've seen him in some films where he was brilliant (including the meme ones) I love most of his work, and let's be honest, every actor out there has there bad ones too and Nic Cage...
  12. C

    Describe a Videogame with only one picture

  13. R

    The Cursinging (Cursed Images)

    As you can tell, this is the cursed images thread on F.A Forums. You are free to post some eldritch images here. Let's see how long this sub-forum will last. Anyways, have a swell day.
  14. Yakamaru

    Fallout 76, and the flop it made

    Lets be fair here. Bethesda fucked it up, and they fucked it up hard. You've got reviews coming in from all over the place, not to mention the failure that was the bag scandal. Oh, not to mention the ongoing investigation into their practices.. www.classlawdc.com: Bethesda Game Studios...
  15. C

    Possible return to unironic internet

    www.reddit.com: r/surrealmemes - [META] I created an analysis of postmodernism in memes This reddit post is (surprisingly) informative and thought provoking. It essentially says that we're going to go back to that old style of meme that wasn't a commentary or mockery of anything. In the...
  16. Misha Bordiga Zahradník


    The region chat just started spamming OwO on Warframe, and I can't even.
  17. I

    Furry Meme Thread

    This salty derg is calling all forum users to gather as many furry themed memes you can and post them here in this sacred archive. Only one rule however. They must be SFW. There are children present!
  18. Lexiand

    Some Moron 101

    2021 Edit: so FAF had removed the option to display google drive files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zhjxz50GeWl7AtMuzuy1EBWT7nOBzcB6/view?usp=sharing I paid 7$ for this so enjoy this @Some Moron @Mikazuki Marazhu
  19. Misha Bordiga Zahradník


    Make a ridiculous statement about how good or bad skub is. You may only be pro or anti skub. You must take the opposed stance to the last post. To be fair, this is probably a waste of time to discuss such a poor product.
  20. Lexiand


    BECAUSE MY IDEAS ARE SO ORIGINAL I DECIDE TO MAKE A AMA THREAD WHY BECAUSE ITS TRENDING AND I WANT VIEWS AND LIKES!!!! SUB TO MY YOU-TUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE FORTNITE CONTENT Ok Yea I know a lot of these are popping up. But I thought It would be fun if I answered some questions too so ask away.