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  1. Barafu_PineBerry

    Writer available (NSFW Vanilla) name your price

    Hello, I am a rookie writer able to create gay male furry fantasy stories with vanilla sex like frotting, anal and cuddling. I have created an audio book in the past called Realm Shift. I wrote it, directed it, performed in it, and edited it. Warning: the link provided is safe for work, so try...
  2. Barafu_PineBerry

    Realm Shift: Hocatto the warrior needs voice actors!

    Title page https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49560065/ 7imberWolf , BigBullyBiggs, and I are creating a furry audio book called Realm Shift: Hocatto the warrior I need volunteer amateur voice actors for costar and secondary characters. 7 male roles and 2 female roles are available, all are cats...
  3. Barafu_PineBerry

    Mod recommendation for Twitch channels

    Are there any mods that are recommended for furry twitch gaming channels? I stream from Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to 10pm. I take Fridays and Saturdays off. Do you know anyone available during those hours?
  4. X

    Post pictures of your pussy!

    This is Blue (his full name is Blueshift "What-Cat" Gunmetal-Grey.) His nickname is Bunny rabbit and he gives kisses.
  5. strwbrylmnd

    Adoptable !

    o o o This babe is for adopt! She is custom, no base used. If bought, you will get her transparent and non-watermarked character art! Her SB is 10usd, and her AB is 40usd.
  6. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursuit Dance Contest!

    Attention #fursuitdancers ! I am looking for fursuit dancers near Toronto Ontario and those who attend Furnal Equinox to bring awareness and support for victims of shootings in the United States of America. I want to make more music videos to support this good cause. I have found a song for...
  7. coonce

    some mermaid pusheen love

  8. D

    Meow Meow Meow

    Come one, come all, a thread for those adorable little critters we call kittens (or cats). Show your love by positing your favorite memes, in real life pics or otherwise. First up, a few from a litter mine had.
  9. Dragoenicefire


    (This might be the most innocent post you'll ever see so just keep that in mind.) Heyo! The name's Dragoen, pronounced like "Drag-OH-en". I am a smol black and white cat who loves dragons and drawing. I'm pretty new to the furry fandom, as i've only been for about a month now, although i've...
  10. Dragoenicefire


  11. Tattle

    Fursuit maker wanted! [Cat partial]

    i will be turning the (not so) big 1-8 come the first of december and, not long after, i will be attending my first convention. i live on my own and i have a job now. i'm independent. i'm childish.. i mean, uh, wise. i can finally waste my money on a pile of foam and fur. but! there is a...
  12. fandomworldslove


    hi guys im new with the furry stuff but have been drawing for like couple years now and got recently active again, would be fun to do an art trade etc so drop a reply here and we´ll get this shit started : ))
  13. Candy Corn

    Little WIP furry fic~~

    Hey! Candy corn here~ I did write myself into the story, if you were wondering. I know it's sinful... I couldn't help myself. Here's the link: www.quotev.com: Dark Demon's past
  14. Candy Corn

    I really need help.

    Candy Corn is rollin in! I live in Boise, ID, but there arent many Furries around here... not to mention conventions. Do any of you live in Idaho? I need friends... especially fellow furries.