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  1. Herdingcats

    Fursona merch?

    Do you own any (commissioned) merch of your fursona? It could be a fursuit, badge, pin, plush, a figurine or something I haven't thought of. As for me, nothing yet. I think I'd be interested if my fursona remained the same after a few years.
  2. Teal_Avokado

    (Other) Selling: Celtic Stickers on sale! 5 USD per sheet!

    I'm glad to present you my first merch - stickerpak of celtic anymals! Twisted and intertwined, animals and spirits, keepers and amulets. One sheet includes all of that in 45 stickers :) Enjoy - www.furaffinity.net: CelticStickerpack by Teal_Avokado ❖ What are these stickers made of? - This is...
  3. sparklevoid

    ISO anthrocon 2000 t-shirt

    (im not sure where to put a thread like this so im putting it in the general discussion section) im looking for one of the official con t-shirts from anthrocon 2000, because im a sucker for cool retro merch and i was also born that year so it would be extra neat to have. i dont really care what...
  4. PrismaKitty

    How does your "furry" show through IRL?

    Just curious to see what kind of things you guys own and show off IRL. Anytime I see any clothing with animals on them, it's usually and intsa-purchase. I've also got a snow leopard hat/scarf that I wear in winter sometimes and I've always wanted to get some sort of discreet tattoo, but I'm too...
  5. mochimoth

    $20 Custom Charm and Sticker Commissions

    Hey there! I’m opening up CUSTOM STICKER and CHARM COMMISSIONS! If interested, all you have to do is email me at owlieclawdraws@gmail.com and fill in the lines below. More detailed info about stickers/charms here. FOR: [your name/url commissioning me] PAYPAL EMAIL: [I use paypal invoice to...