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  1. thegremlindraws

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sea Creature Mermaids, Batch of 6

    FA link with TOS. 55usd each, paypal only <3
  2. River_Draconia

    Help with scales and Fishy looks

    Hello, I'm making this mermaid for mermay trend, but I'm not sure about the fish tail, any idea how could I make it more scaly. I like the color scheme, what do you think?
  3. Sappho_Cortez

    Taur, Naga, Mer?

    Real simple. If you had to become one of these three for a couple days, which do you think you'd be most comfortable with being? Taur- anthro torso on a feral body (like yours truly) Naga- anthro torso on snake tail Mer- mermaid or merman. Asking out of curiosity and boredom
  4. PaleoClipper

    SELLING - Digital Mermaid Coloring Book! $5

    Digital coloring book! Use link to purchase. $5 Entirely hand drawn and digitized so you can print them and color as many times as you like. Or put into your favorite digital coloring app. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1029456583/merfolk-coloring-book-pages-digital?ref=shop_home_active_1
  5. noirgladia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mermaid Adoptable (OPEN || Set price $50 OR $100 for commercial uses)

    FA link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41811517/ Please pick one of these option to buy: * FOR PERSONAL USE: $50 * FOR COMMERCIAL USE: $100 Feel free to ask if you're unsure which price you should pay. Comment or DM to buy. You can also reply to this comment (DeviantArt)...
  6. Soulfir3fly

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Auction open] Mermaid and Water serpent #15 [SB-$45]

    Mermaid and Water Serpent. This Auction open simultaneously on DA Sb : $45 Mi : $5 Ab : $175 This Auction end 48 hours after the first bidder. Please place your bid by reply one another. The winner will have 24 hours to pay, or it will be sell to second highest bidder. Don't forget to click...
  7. jahpan

    Looking for a mermaid to draw for mermay month? (request)

    Looking for open requests for my mermaid sona. I don’t mind if its sfw or nsfw, all I ask is that the design doesnt change. Some key notes about her: -she has a glowing crystal wrapped around her tail that glows -the fin showing on the right side of her thats directly on the back of her tail...
  8. Garnouille_Art

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Comics PORTRAITS for 20€-40€

    Hi, I'm a freelance illustrator currently available :) Here are some examples of portraits : Sketch : 20€ Line Art : 30€ Grayscale or flat colors : 35€ Colored work with shading : 40€ Feel free to contact me if interested!
  9. Industrial

    (Commission) Selling: Special Mer-May Coms! $25 Full bodies! Free Latex shines!

    Hi! I'm doing Mer-May again this year, and doing $25 full body, fully colored, mer commissions with animal themes. Please check my journal!! www.furaffinity.net: MerMay Special Commissions!!! -- Aphybreas' Journal www.furaffinity.net: MerMay Special Commissions!!! -- Aphybreas' Journal...
  10. coonce

    some mermaid pusheen love

  11. Zefy

    GIRLS COMMISSION( and boy or another gender) [10$ min]

    ・・・・☆HELLO ☆ ・・・・ I'm opening commissions and this is prices: ★HEADSHOT★ - Full colour $10 ★HALF BODY★ - Full colour: $20 ★FULL BODY★ -Full colour: $40 ★BACKGROUND★ Simple one-colour/gradient – free Complex background – 10-50$ Extra character - +100% NSFW - to be discussed. Prices also...
  12. Noir Gladia

    Deep Sea Lantern Mermaid [Adopt::Open]

    [PayPal only~ Currency: USD] # SB: $30 # MI: $2 # AB: 100 She's a combination of lantern fish (yes, that ugly fish you're thinking about lol XD) and bird and skeleton, with eastern-inspired costume and a magic lantern lightened by her living energy. Her sclera has two forms: white and dark...
  13. silkymink

    Adopt Auction- Nudibranch Mermaid

    This auction is going on here and here Starting Bid: $25 Minimum Increase: $5 Autobuy: $80 Upon winning, you will receive a high resolution PNG of the character and 10% off future commissions of the character. $100 Autobuy package- In addition to the original PNG of the character, you get a...
  14. silkymink

    [OPEN] Adopt Auction - Shark Mermaid

    This auction is happening on FA here and on DA here Starting Bid: $25 Minimum Increase: $5 Autobuy: $80 Upon winning, you will receive a high resolution PNG of the character and 10% off future commissions of the character. $100 Autobuy package- In addition to the original PNG of the...
  15. Rumby

    MerMay ♥ YCH (OPEN)

    Check my Mermay YCH auction here MerMay ♥ YCH - YCH.Commishes or here www.furaffinity.net: Mermay YCH Auction (OPEN) by RumblyFish
  16. pedge

    Cheap Mermay art!

    Since it's mermay, I figured I'd do a special offer on mermaid-themed art! $10 off my usual pricing for mermaid stuff! :D You can also post fish or moodboards/aesthetic boards or prompts and I might make a mermaid design for purchase later :D Mermaid-related digital sketches and pen/ink...
  17. FluffyChuck91

    Sketch Commissions!! ($20 each)

    Im taking sketch commissions! They are $20 + character, $5 more if colored. RULES: Do's - OCs - Fanart - Pinups - NSFW art (depends on the subject) DONTS - Hardcore Porn - Violence/Gore - Political/religious I only accept paypal commissions! If you have an idea for me, PM me or email me at...
  18. FluffyChuck91

    Mer YCH $25

    Im taking Mermaid YCH's! They can be anything from OCs to fanart, but as mermaids! They can also be any other sea creature besides fish and octopi. Comment below or message me for inquiry.
  19. T

    Anthro/creature artist with slots available.

    Hey everyone :) I'm primarily a creature artist, but I have some time spare and would love to open up a couple slots for some high-quality anthro work. (SFW and NSFW included) Examples Include: Prices start at about $250 for one character and change depending on needs or complexity...
  20. VenusFlower


    Click here! (Warning: Characters are nude)