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  1. thegremlindraws

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sea Creature Mermaids, Batch of 6

    FA link with TOS. 55usd each, paypal only <3
  2. noirgladia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mermaid Adoptable (OPEN || Set price $50 OR $100 for commercial uses)

    FA link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41811517/ Please pick one of these option to buy: * FOR PERSONAL USE: $50 * FOR COMMERCIAL USE: $100 Feel free to ask if you're unsure which price you should pay. Comment or DM to buy. You can also reply to this comment (DeviantArt)...
  3. jahpan

    Looking for a mermaid to draw for mermay month? (request)

    Looking for open requests for my mermaid sona. I don’t mind if its sfw or nsfw, all I ask is that the design doesnt change. Some key notes about her: -she has a glowing crystal wrapped around her tail that glows -the fin showing on the right side of her thats directly on the back of her tail...
  4. Industrial

    (Commission) Selling: Special Mer-May Coms! $25 Full bodies! Free Latex shines!

    Hi! I'm doing Mer-May again this year, and doing $25 full body, fully colored, mer commissions with animal themes. Please check my journal!! www.furaffinity.net: MerMay Special Commissions!!! -- Aphybreas' Journal www.furaffinity.net: MerMay Special Commissions!!! -- Aphybreas' Journal...
  5. Diiragon

    FREE Mermay Adopt!

    diiragon.deviantart.com: FREE Mermay .:OPEN:. I'm giving away this free design on my deviantart and wanted to let the people of Fur Affinity know too haha!! Please enter on this link, not here, thank you!! All details on how to join and possibly win are in the link! <3
  6. pedge

    Cheap Mermay art!

    Since it's mermay, I figured I'd do a special offer on mermaid-themed art! $10 off my usual pricing for mermaid stuff! :D You can also post fish or moodboards/aesthetic boards or prompts and I might make a mermaid design for purchase later :D Mermaid-related digital sketches and pen/ink...