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  1. AceQuorthon

    Goth Mood

    Give me your favorite goth tunes to vibe to! I’m in a graveyard mood right now and I need the VIBES! Wolf Moon - Type O Negative Cain - Tiamat A Forest - The Cure More - Sisters Of Mercy
  2. anastasius.basileus

    Discord server for furries who like music.

    Hey! The other day I had an idea from when I was on this music themed discord server to make a music-themed discord server because of all of the furries on it. So I made one! The crappy thing is since we are listed on Disboard, we get trolls and spammers who have nothing better to do with their...
  3. S

    chill music for art drawing

    i mostly listen to chill or other musics to fit the scenes for my characters and for war i listen to metal. i mostly use Spotify or YouTube or i use steam music player.
  4. Thrashy

    Create your own Metal Band! (read startpost)

    As a Metalhead, there comes of course the time you're thinking about founding a band. But how should you be called? Here comes a simple solution: The Heavy Metal Band Name Generator! Mine would be Witch's Temple :p Now post your band names and open these pits up ;)
  5. Revolver_Thotcelot

    Fear Inoculum Released

    So, Tool's Fear Inoculum was finally released today. It absolutely lives up to the hype, in my opinion. I'm interested in hearing everyone else's opinion on the album that took 13 years to make.
  6. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    The Great War! !!Sabaton!!

    The great war is out!!! So far my favorite song is The Attack of the Dead Men. Listening on Spotify until I can buy a CD.
  7. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    New Sabaton Single!

    Where my Sabaton fans at!
  8. Deathless

    Dream Theater fans anyone?

    I'm going to be seeing a favorite band of mine, Dream Theater, in early April and I've been listening to them nonstop lately. I'm going to see their new album Distance Over Time, along with the whole Metropolis Part 2 album live (20th anniversary celebration) and I can't wait to see that album...
  9. Rayd

    Cheesy Metal Songs

    If there's anything that's consistent in the world of metal, It's the abundant amount of songs with cheesy lyrics/vocals! For me, personally, the cheesier the song, the more I happen to enjoy them, which is why I enjoy power-metal so much. I don't know any other sub-genres that could come close...
  10. VertyWerty

    What is the most recent concert you've been to? And tell me your concert experience!

    The most recent concert I've been to is Twenty One Pilots on March 12, 2019. I'm going to tell you my concert experience about last night. Yesterday I had some good darn noodles from a noodle restaurant to feed my stomach a little bit before I enter the concert. And I went inside, went to my...
  11. Deathless

    [Request] A Full Body?

    Hello! I know these threads can get annoying to some, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw a full-body image of my fursona, Exodus. He's a pastel orange cat who wears corpse paint on his face and is fairly skinny. His nose is painted black as well (I made it looks a little big...
  12. Fere

    Heavy metal furry novel

    Hi there! Currently finishing up my 3rd book and was looking to do something a little different this time, in regard to illustrations. Since the focus of the book is a heavy metal band (half way house between Manson and Rammstein), I was looking to do clickable excerpts within the ebook which...
  13. C-artsy

    Show me your crafts and sculpture!

    I want to see your artisan crafts! Most of us draw, but I'm sure there are lots of crafters too. Be it crochet, clay, paper art, mixed-media, woodworking, metal/wire, upcycling... even if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, share your crafty side. And ask questions if you're curious about...
  14. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    When you start writing your first Fursona...

  15. I


    I have a deep passion for all kinds of metal(speed metal, heavy metal, power metal, death metal, symphonic metal, black metal) and that's why I wanted to start this thread. Basically this is to share your favorite metal bands and songs for others to bang their heads to and break stuff. Lets get...
  16. Shyga

    metal accessories

    Hello! I'm offering pendants and brooches made out of metal. I sure hope to soon have more options to offer, like small bead animals and pyrography stuff, but for now only those metal ones c: Here you may see my price-list:
  17. Benji Zero Devos

    Nu Metal Fur Fan Is Here!

    I love metal music fused with other genres! :p
  18. Brejvarr Ulfhedne

    Any Viking Metal Fans?

    I've noticed a lot of metal fans around here, but how many of you are fans of viking metal? Personally it's my absolute favorite music genre. Post your favorite viking metal songs down below!
  19. K

    Your Music Playlists

    Fav - YouTube MUSIC - YouTube These are my 2 music playlists.
  20. Impulse-8

    MGS in a Fantasy setting?

    Does anyone know of a video game franchise I could get into that has gameplay, and perhaps also story, like the traditional Metal Gear Solid games (Not the "Acid" spin-offs), but in a Fantasy setting? And, I dunno, I guess Anthro characters in it, too?