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  1. Rukia509

    Mff Badge preorders $30

    Selling some badges for mff, if you would like to order feel free to message me! you can find me on my fa: Userpage of Tomoyuki -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. Kristofferson

    [MFF] Offering dedicated photoshoots!

    I'm breaking out of my shell somewhat at MFF this year, and I'm offering dedicated photoshoots to anyone interested, as time slots allow. Suiters and non-suiters alike are welcome. I am open to doing suit photos, portraits, spicier things, or pretty much anything you'd like. If you're...
  3. stormhawk27

    Anyone open for MFF pickup kigus?

    Just what it says on the tin. Is anyone open for these? Really like the ones with the embroidered faces.
  4. T

    Looking for Roommates for MFF 2018!

    Yea I know, asking about it right before the 2017 show, ahaha.... I'm in need of splitting hotel costs at Midwest Furfest next year! I'm going to try selling there for the first time, and the hotel costs are a little pricey. It's going to be my mother an I, and I'd prefer other girls in the...
  5. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Looking for a Room: MFF 2017

    Howdy y'all! I am looking for someone who will be willing to make me their roommate for MFF 2017. I'm going to be suiting so I'll be a Fursuiter if you or anyone else will be suiting as well. I'm responsible, clean, and respectful to everyone; you don't have to worry about me being rowdy or...
  6. K

    Looking for 1 or 2 MFF(MidwestFurfest) 2017 Roommates

    Hey I'm looking for mff roommates for 2017. I'll be going this year. I'm nice, hygienic, friendly and, a night owl. And idk if I'd be going over to his room or his to mine but Kero the Wolf and I will be recording a musical collaboration for the fandom at mff. I hope that's ok on the chance kero...
  7. DjembeTheApe

    Going to MFF for my first con...any advice?

    Hello All! So I'll be going to MFF this year, but I've never been to a single con. What are some do's and don'ts for a first time con goer? Is it better to go with someone you know or by yourself? And estimated cost? (I'm saving about a grand) I also still have to put together some sort of a...
  8. SpunSugar

    Kawaii Badges for Midwest Furfest Pick Up

    I will be having a table in the dealers room at Midwest Furfest and I have badge commissions open. Right now I am having a special sale for the first 2 to commission a badge. Badges are normally $35 whether you want a headshot, bust, or full body, but the first 2 people will get one for $30. The...
  9. Albino-Kitsune

    AC Weekend Sale! ENDS JULY 8TH! 20% MFF Pre-orders!

    In honor of finishing my site, I am offering a sale! Until July 8th, you can get a full-body digital sketch for $20. Also, all pre-orders for Midwest Furfest are 20% off! If interested, please email AlbinoKitsune.Commissions@Gmail.com for a quote. You can see examples, and read my Price...
  10. spectre626

    Need a room for MFF

    Looking for a room with space for 2. Male and a female, one suiter. We'd like to find a room at the Hyatt, I'll be volunteering again. But if you have a room in the Hilton we could make that work just as well. Please let us know if you have an opening, we're easy going and long as the room is...
  11. spectre626

    Looking for a room at the Hyatt for MFF this year.

    So, I'm 28, male. Will be driving to MFF this year, got a buddy, 35, female. She's gonna be suiting, I'll be volunteering. We need a room. Happy to share a bed, or I'll take the floor. But we'd love a spot. We're both super relaxed folks. I'll be volunteering most of the con, she's hoping to do...