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micro macro

  1. MathTheFolf

    Request: Anyone interested in drawing a folf or a berner?

    Hi everyone! I've been in the community for about a year and I only now learn of the existance of this amazing forum. I have recently reworked my two main OCs and I was wondering if anyone would be inspired to draw them? They are Math the Folf (my fursona) and Juline the Bernese Moutain Dog...
  2. lilfella

    Micro/macro RP?

    Hello there, everyone! I'm looking for a micro/macro RP partner, any gender. I have a male mouse fursona and I prefer being the smaller one. I love vore, mouthplay and fearplay, but I'm also super on board with fluffier and story based stuff. Any size is cool with me! I only write in...
  3. lilfella

    My First NSFW YCH Auction! [G/T Vore]

    Heya, folks! I'm makin' my first endeavor into NSFW art on FA. The wallet is a little tight lately, even though I'm workin' my butt off and I thought hey... Why not. I'm drawin' this stuff anyway. Why not spread the love (and the snacks)? I whipped up my first YCH, and hopefully will be making...